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SEALs And Special Boat Teams Assist Philippinos

Posted by Larry Barnes on September 30, 2009

JSOTF-P Assists in Rescue Efforts During Manila Flooding
By Lt.j.g. Theresa Donnelly, Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines

MANILA, Philippines (NNS) — Members of Joint Special Operations Task Force- Philippines (LSOTF-P) assisted the Armed Forces of the Philippines(AFP) with the rescue of 52 people affected by massive flooding during Tropical Storm Ondoy, (known as internationally as Ketsana) in Cainta, Metro Manila Sept. 27-28.

Members of Navy SEAL teams and Naval Special Boat Teams 12 and 20, and U.S. medical personnel attached to JSOTF-P took part. They worked directly with AFP and the Philippines National Disaster Coordinating Council, rescuing people from rooftops, delivering food, and giving out medical supplies.

Rescue teams from JSOTF-P launched two F470 Zodiac boats in the flood waters of Cainta and worked through the night transporting people to schools, churches, and evacuation shelters. Teams also assisted with the rescue of a pregnant Filipino woman in labor, stranded in a flooded-out house.

“These people lost their houses, cars and might still be looking for family members. I wanted to do anything and everything I could do to help the Filipino people. I was glad I could be a part of the rescue efforts,” said Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class (FMF) Jonathan Porter. Porter was a JSOTF-P medic on scene to provide direct medical care.

According to Philippines Disaster Management Services, the floods displaced hundreds of thousands of people and the most recent reports indicate that nearly 100,000 people have been relocated.

“The work the U.S. military did was terrific,” said Roman Romulo, Pasig City congressman. “I was very thankful for U.S. support. Your teams were able to successfully go to Santa Lucia High School to help deliver food. It was a big boost that your people were helping us.”

On Sept. 26, JSOTF-P teams delivered 500 pounds of food to Santa Lucia high school. Additionally the following day, a civilian helicopter contracted by JSOTF-P unloaded and distributed an additional 4,200 pounds of food and water in Cainta, northeast of Pasig city.

The response to Ondoy was a collaborative effort among Philippine civilian governmental agencies, the AFP, the people affected and assistance from Joint Special Operations Task Force Philippines.

“I don’t think we could have done anything without the help of the Filipinos. They were just great in helping us. They had translators, guides, ” said Porter.
“They were able to tell us where to go. When we were looking for a house, the police and local citizens would help us and the rescue was a collaborative effort among governmental agencies and the people affected,” he said.


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Joint Force Clears Insurgents, Detains Suspect in Western Afghanistan

Posted by Larry Barnes on September 29, 2009

American Forces Press Service
KABUL, Sept. 29, 2009 – A 500-strong Afghan and coalition force cleared insurgents in Afghanistan’s Farah province and detained a suspected militant in Takhar province in recent days, military officials reported.

Afghan and coalition forces participated in an operation yesterday to clear insurgents from Shewan City.

Heavy fighting took place for more than 12 hours, and the force received rocket-propelled-grenade, machine-gun and small-arms fire. The force responded with small-arms and machine-gun fire as well as air strikes. A large number of insurgents were killed, military officials reported.

“This is a great day for Afghanistan and a great day for Farah province,” said Afghan army Col. Namatulah. “Today we fought alongside coalition forces like brothers. Main roads that go through this city will not be under Taliban control. Safe roads are good for everyone, military and civilian.”

Elsewhere, an Afghan and international force detained a suspected militant today after searching a compound in Takhar province. The compound is known to be used by a leader in the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, a group responsible for financing and shipping weapons to other militant elements in the region.

No shots were fired and no one was injured, officials said.

(From a NATO International Security Assistance Force news release.)

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Afghan, NATO Troops Disrupt Insurgency in Afghanistan

Posted by Larry Barnes on September 28, 2009

American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, Sept. 28, 2009 – Afghan and international forces have captured several militant fighters in southern Afghanistan in the past three days, military officials reported.

Several other insurgents were killed in firefights with combined Afghan and international forces, they said.

Combined Afghan and NATO International Security Assistance Forces today detained several suspects following a search of an insurgent compound in Wardak province known as a Taliban weapons supply center.

The joint force conducted the search in the Chaki Wardak district without incident. No shots were fired, and no Afghan civilians were harmed.

Yesterday, an Afghan and international security force detained several suspects after searching a compound in Kandahar province known to be used by an insurgent leader and his followers.

The search was conducted near the village of Haji Mohammad Ewaz, southwest of Kandahar City. The joint security force detained four suspected insurgents responsible for financial and logistical support of militant attacks in the region. The operation was conducted without incident, and no Afghan civilians were harmed.

On Sept. 26, a joint force detained several suspected insurgents in three separate operations after searching compounds in Wardak and Helmand provinces known to be used by insurgents.

Joint security forces searched a compound north of Ghazni City in Wardak province after intelligence reports indicated militant activity. The force killed enemy militants when they ignored the force’s instruction to comply and demonstrated hostile intent. The force then completed its search and identified one of the killed enemy militants as the Taliban facilitator responsible for financial support of militant attacks and dissemination of anti-government media in the region.

In another operation in Wardak province, the joint security force searched compounds near the village of Mohabbat Kheyl and detained a suspected militant member of a Taliban element responsible for financing, supplying and conducting numerous bombing and small-arms attacks against Afghan civilians and infrastructure.

In Helmand province, a joint security force searched a compound near the village of Ali Khafali, north of Lashkar Gah district, and detained two suspected militants. There were no civilian casualties.

(Compiled from NATO International Security Assistance Force news releases.)

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Forces Arrest Tae Kwon Do Murder Suspect, Others in Iraq

Posted by Larry Barnes on September 28, 2009

American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, Sept. 28, 2009 – Iraqi forces, aided by U.S. troops, arrested multiple terrorism suspects, including one accused in a 2006 Tae Kwon Do kidnapping and murder case, and seized weapons throughout Iraq in recent days, military officials reported.

On Sept. 24, Iraqi soldiers, with U.S. advisors, arrested a suspect in the 2006 kidnapping and murder of Iraq national Tae Kwon Do team members. In May 2006, while the team was en route to Jordan for a training camp, terrorists stopped their vehicle between Ramadi and Fallujah and abducted all 15 team members. In June of the following year, remains believed to be those of the missing team were found.

The force, operating under a warrant issued by the Magistrate Court in Karmah, found the suspect near Khalidiyah. The suspect also is believed to be involved in multiple terrorist activities and crimes against Iraq, officials said.

In Mahmudiyah, Hillah special weapons and tactics team members, with U.S. forces advisors, arrested 16 suspected terrorists yesterday. The Iraqi forces were operating under the authority of warrants issued by the District Court of Babil in accordance with Iraq’s anti-terrorism law. The men are suspected of playing various roles in terrorist activities connected with al-Qaida in Iraq network operating in and around Babil province, officials said.

Meanwhile, Iraqi security forces arrested a vehicle-bomb cell member and five other suspected terrorists yesterday during a series of security operations conducted in central and northern Iraq.

In eastern Ramadi, Iraqi soldiers with U.S. forces advisors arrested two suspects while conducting a warranted search for a known bomb cell member. Along with the wanted man, Iraqi soldiers identified the second suspect as an al-Qaida in Iraq associate believed to be involved in assassinations and attacks against Iraqi security forces and civilians.

In a separate operation, Iraqi police with U.S. forces advisors searched two buildings in Baqubah for a man charged in a warrant with coordinating suicide bomb attacks in Diyala province. Iraqi police apprehended a suspect who attempted to flee from security forces. Police questioned the suspect, who was determined to be an accomplice to criminal and terrorist activity.

In Rashad Valley, Iraqi forces, aided by U.S. troops, arrested three suspects associated with a Kirkuk bomb network. The suspects are believed to be responsible for training others on how to manufacture and employ vehicle-borne explosives.

Elsewhere, Iraqi security forces with U.S. advisors arrested six suspected terrorists Sept. 26 during separate security operations in northern Iraq. The force arrested four people during a search for an al-Qaida in Iraq extortion and finance leader in Mosul. The suspects are believed to be al-Qaida in Iraq associates.

Near Abassi, southwest of Kirkuk, the force arrested the al-Qaida in Iraq military leader of Abassi. The man is charged in a warrant with coordinating and participating in multiple vehicle- bomb attacks targeting Iraqi security forces. The security team also arrested a second suspect near Abassi. Iraqi security forces identified the man as an associate of al-Qaida in Iraq operating in the Hawijah area.

In other operations in Iraq:

— Iraqi security forces with U.S. soldiers seized three weapons caches near Byaa in Diyala province Sept. 25.

— Iraqi and U.S. forces conducted a large-scale clearing operation Sept. 23 along a key road in Kirkuk province to prevent insurgents from staging attacks with homemade bombs. Several attacks had taken place recently on the road, which is the main artery from Hawijah to Kirkuk, officials said. The force found multiple command wires used to trigger bombs along the route.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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Commandos Set to Return to Dramatically Improved Iraq

Posted by Larry Barnes on September 28, 2009

By Donna Miles
American Forces Press Service
FORT DRUM, N.Y., Sept. 28, 2009 – The new 10th Mountain Division commander told his soldiers preparing to deploy that they’ll play a critical role in “one of the most challenging and dynamic deployments” to Iraq as they transfer full operational control of the Iraqi security forces to the Iraqi government.

Ft Drum NY
Army Maj. Gen. James L. Terry heralded the division’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team – “one of the Army’s most-experienced, most deployed and most successful brigade combat teams” — during a rousing Sept. 25 deployment ceremony here outside the division headquarters building.

Hundreds of family members and community leaders gathered around the parade field, filling the seats and bleachers and finding spots on the grass to honor the 2nd BCT “Commandos,” who begin deploying next week.

Addressing his soldiers, formed up against the backdrop of giant crossed red swords on a 10th Mountain Division banner, Terry noted the vast improvements in the security situation since the brigade’s last deployment in 2006 to what was then known as Iraq’s “Triangle of Death.”

Fifty-four Commandos died during that 15-month deployment, and hundreds more were wounded as they helped to lay the foundation for progress seen today, Terry said.

“Your combat skill and outreach to the people of Iraq resulted in a dramatic drop in attacks on all coalition forces and the Iraqi population, providing an opportunity for economic growth and governmental authority to take hold,” he told his soldiers. “Those tireless efforts are largely responsible for the relative peace and security that abides there today. That is your legacy.”

Almost two years after returning from that deployment, the Commandos will build on that legacy as they return to an Iraq that Terry said is changing for the better, and in ways “we could have only hoped for” in 2006.

“You will bear witness to historic times in that country,” he said. “This will be a period of transition in Iraq, and it will be one of the most challenging and dynamic deployments since the war began.”

As they transfer full operational control of the Iraqi security forces serving a sovereign Iraq, the Commandos will fulfill “what our Army – our nation – has been working toward for six long years,” Terry said.

Terry noted the relentless training the Commandos have undergone during the past two years to prepare for their upcoming mission.

“It has been a well-earned two years of rest – but take note of what rest really is,” he said. He pointed to the “countless live-fire exercises,” the 25-mile foot marches, and training not only at home station, but also at Yuma, Ariz.; Fort Pickett, Va.; Fort A.P. Hill, Va.; and at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, La., where the Commandos conducted two mission-ready exercise rotations.

Meanwhile, the brigade also provided training support at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., and remained on standby for a no-notice deployment in support of homeland defense.

“This brigade combat team could not be better prepared than they are right now,” said Army Col. David Miller, the team’s commander. “Your soldiers will excel,” he assured the families, and he thanked them for their role in the Commandos’ readiness.

“The soldiers on the field are just the tip of the iceberg,” he said. “Soldiering is truly a family affair.”

Terry assured his soldiers the Fort Drum community will ensure their families are cared for while they’re gone. “That is my promise to you, so you can deploy as a focused and ready force, knowing we will look after those you leave behind,” he said.

Army Pfc. Kevin Cabrera admitted he’s approaching his first deployment with a flurry of emotions. “It’s very exciting,” he said. “I think we’re all looking forward to it, and to brining our mission in Iraq to an end.”

Not as exciting, he said, will be saying goodbye to his wife, Erika, and 2-year-old daughter, Alanni. “I hate that part,” he said. “What I have to keep in mind is that what we’re doing is for the good of the Iraqi people. We really hope to make a difference.”

Standing at the sidelines during the ceremony, Erica Andersen shared Cabrera’s mixed emotions as she prepared for her husband, Army Spc. Ryan Andersen’s, first deployment.

“Of course I’m feeling stress, and some worry, but at the same time, I am very, very proud that he is making this commitment for our nation,” she said. “I love him for it, very much, and I am very proud of him.”

Although calling the family support network at Fort Drum “amazing,” Andersen said she plans to spend her husband’s deployment with her extended family in Dallas.

Tamika Shugard, wife of Army Sgt. Aaron Shugard, said she plans to stick out her husband’s deployment at Fort Drum. “The family readiness group here is really good,” she said. “It does a lot for the soldiers, and I want to be a part of that.”

In the meantime, Shugard admitted, she’s approaching the first deployment in her two-year marriage by making every minute count before her husband leaves. “I like being in the Army and what it represents, so I’m really excited about this, but at the same time, nervous,” she said. “So for now, I’m just trying to spend as much time with him as I can.”

Pam Gable has said goodbye to her husband, Army Staff Sgt. David Gable, during numerous deployments, but never before to Iraq or Afghanistan.

“I’m a little afraid,” she admitted, but she said she has no doubt her husband and his comrades are prepared for what’s ahead.

Gable said she plans to keep herself busy while he’s deployed working full-time at the post orthopedic clinic and studying for her nursing degree in her spare time. She expects the deployment to be harder for their three children, especially their 15-year-old son, who’s particularly close to his father.

“I try to push it all out of my mind, but every day that goes by, we are getting closer and closer, so you have to deal with it,” she said. “I figure the first two weeks will be the hardest. After that, we’ll be into our routine and everything will be OK.”

Although the days leading up to the deployment are passing all too quickly for many of the family members, some brigade soldiers said the deployment can’t come soon enough.

“We’ve been training for this for a very, very long time,” said Army Spc. Joshua Kendall. “What we want now is to get this done and over with so we can get back home.”

Army Staff Sgt. Nathanial Scoy, who’s served two deployments in Iraq and another in Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne Division before joining the 10th Mountain Division, echoed Kendall’s sentiment.

“Right now, I’m just looking at getting over there and getting started,” he said. “We’ve trained a couple of weeks out of every month since I got here, and now it’s time for all that to come together. We’re ready. We’re absolutely ready.”

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Gates: McChrystal is ‘The Very Best’ Officer to Command in Afghanistan

Posted by Larry Barnes on September 27, 2009

By Gerry J. Gilmore
American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, Sept. 27, 2009 – Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates today gave his unequivocal vote of confidence to the senior U.S. military officer in Afghanistan.

Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union news show, Gates told host John King that Army Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal is “the very best commanding officer we could possibly have” as commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Gates said he believes President Barack Obama shares his strong confidence in McChrystal’s abilities.

In June, McChrystal took over as the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan. In late August, the general submitted his assessment of how the U.S. should proceed in Afghanistan to the Pentagon and the White House.

In his assessment McChrystal found that the situation in Afghanistan “is more serious than we had thought and that he had thought before going out there,” Gates said.

McChrystal has said he needs more troops and other resources to get the job done in Afghanistan. Currently, some 68,000 U.S. servicemembers are deployed in Afghanistan, including 21,500 troops that have deployed since Obama announced the new Afghan strategy in March.

When President Obama announced his new Afghan strategy, Gates recalled, the president also noted that that strategy would be reviewed following Afghanistan’s presidential elections that were held in August.

McChrystal also has submitted his separate assessment of the numbers of troops and other resources that he thinks are required to carry out his recommended Afghanistan strategy, Gates said on CNN.

Right now, “we are in the middle of a process of evaluating, really, the decisions the President made in late March to say: ‘Have we got the strategy right?'” Gates said.

And, once everyone is confident that the strategy for Afghanistan is correct, Gates told King, then, the question of possible additional resources, including more troops, will be addressed.

Later today, on the ABC-TV “This Week” program, Gates told host George Stephanopoulos that “it’s a matter of a few weeks,” before the Afghanistan review would be completed.

Stephanopoulos also asked Gates if accusations of voting fraud in the re-election of President Hamid Karzai will impact U.S. policy there.

Gates replied that news of the flawed Afghan election surfaced after McChrystal submitted his first assessment report, and that two election commissions, one internal, the other international, are now studying how the election was conducted.

However, the Afghan people still believe in their government, Gates said.

“The key is whether the Afghans believe that their government has legitimacy,” Gates said. “And, everything that I’ve seen in the intelligence and elsewhere indicates that remains the case.”

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FBI, Navy Foiled Alleged Terror Plot on Quantico

Posted by Larry Barnes on September 25, 2009

By Gerry J. Gilmore
American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, Sept. 25, 2009 – An indictment handed down yesterday in a North Carolina federal court charges three men with plotting to attack Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., with the intent to murder U.S. military personnel.

The men — two American citizens and a legal U.S. resident from Kosovo – are Daniel Patrick Boyd, 39; his son, Zakariya Boyd, 20; and Kosovo native Hysen Sherifi, 24, according to Justice Department and Marine Corps news releases.

The three allegedly were involved in a plot to procure maps of the base and assemble weapons as a precursor to an attack, the releases say. They also are named with four other men — including another Boyd son, Dylan, 22 — in a sealed indictment July 22 for alleged involvement in a conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, as well as conspiracy to murder, kidnap, maim and injure persons abroad, the releases say.

Agents from the FBI and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and Quantico’s headquarters’ staff collaborated on an investigation that uncovered the alleged plot at the base.

“We have been in close coordination with NCIS and FBI agents and other officials throughout the Boyd investigation,” Quantico’s base commander Marine Col. Dan Choike said in a Marine Corps news release.

“We have ensured that the safety and protection of our Marines, their families and civilians who call Quantico home, received our first and absolute attention,” Choike said. “That attention in all matters continues to be our main focus.”

Others indicted in the alleged broader terrorism activities include:

— Anes Subasic, 33, a naturalized U.S. citizen;

— Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, 22, a U.S. citizen; and

— Ziyad Yaghi, 21, a U.S. citizen.

All seven men are residents of North Carolina.

The defendants were arrested July 27 at various locations. All are being held without bond.

“These charges hammer home the point that terrorists and their supporters are not confined to the remote regions of some far-away land, but can grow and fester right here at home,” U.S. Attorney George E.B. Holding said in the Justice Department news release.

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Forces Detain Insurgents, Seize Weapons in Iraq

Posted by Larry Barnes on September 25, 2009

American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, Sept. 25, 2009 – Iraqi troop, aided by U.S. forces, detained suspected insurgents and seized weapons in Iraq in recent days, military officials reported.

Iraqi and U.S. soldiers detained 14 people yesterday after they attacked a U.S. patrol in Kirkuk province.

The soldiers were attacked while establishing security positions along a high-traffic route near the town of Shalikh in Rashad Valley district. Soldiers had been observing the attackers for suspicious activity.

Soldiers pursued the attackers and detained them. No injuries were reported.

Elsewhere, an Iraqi special weapons and tactics team, with U.S. advisors, served a warrant issued by the Qaim Central Investigative Court for the arrest of a suspected weapons dealer and smuggler Sept. 18 near Ramanah.

The SWAT team also found ammunition and several rocket motors on the property.

This successful operation by Iraq’s security forces will disrupt the sale and purchase of illegal weapons in and around Qaim, officials said.

North of Mosul, Iraqi forces and U.S. soldiers seized a weapons cache Sept. 21 containing materials commonly used by insurgents to create homemade bombs.

U.S. forces discovered the cache in an abandoned home during a reconnaissance patrol. The cache contained grenades, a dual-tone multifunction board, hand-held radios, a blasting cap with wires and a video camcorder cassette.

(From Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.

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Secret China: Opium Saved The Communist Party

Posted by Larry Barnes on September 22, 2009

Opium saved the communist party

An intensely angry CCP veteran still cannot quite fathom what happened years ago in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Region, when competing, emerging forces struggling for power in China during the early 1940s committed all manner of strange deeds. This man describes personal experiences he lived through – the spread of drug use and drug proliferation in the Shaanxi area during the CCP’s entrenchment in Shaanbei.

It was the time of Chinese troop resistance to the Japanese invasion. On orders from above, the CCP allied itself with the Kuomintang to participate in the resistance. The disgruntled veteran, under the command of Liu Chideng, was dispatched to an anti-Japanese base in Shaanxi Province, charged with administering finances. But the base ran out of money and food in 1941. The regime turned to Yan’an for help whose response came promptly. Soon a string of mules arrived, loaded with uniforms and several hundred pounds of opium. A letter from Chen Win accompanied the drugs, demanding the sale of the opium to people in the Japanese Puppet Regime-occupied territories and to the Kuomintang troops, in exchange for urgently needed military supplies and daily living necessities.

The veteran could not deal with the idea of trading opium for these supplies. This landed him back with the Yan’an and eventual training in anti-Japanese strategies at the Military and Political University. Studying part time and doing military duty the other time, his training saw him in Nanniwan where he was assigned to Brigade 359 under Wang Zhen’s leadership, having to cultivate wasteland. Part of this acreage was devoted to food production, but the larger portion was used to grow opium. At harvest, Wang Zhen hired opium specialists to process the lucrative crop that was stored in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia border region, for delivery at any time to Shanxi, Hebei and other locations. Whoever had money – the KMT garrison people or those from the Japanese Puppet Regime would be the buyer.

The older generations in China might remember Mao’s article, ” Serving the people,” that led the people to believe that one of the CCP’s Central committee soldiers “died for the country” in a charcoal processing plant, when he was actually a victim of opium processing. The place collapsed around him and burned him alive.

Additional information of these days from China’s infamous history can be found in a well-done research paper authored by professor Chen Yongfa, “Poppy Flowers in the Red Sun: Opium Trade and the Yan’an Model.” Other writers’ essays, “the Long March – The Untold Story,” by Harrison Salisbury, and “Diary of Yan’an,” by Peter Vladimirov, augment these historic accounts.

Secret China (English subsite) – Opium saved the communist party.

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Forces Detain Insurgents, Seize Weapons in Afghanistan

Posted by Larry Barnes on September 21, 2009

American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, Sept. 21, 2009 – Afghan soldiers and police, working with international troops, in recent days have detained insurgents in southern and eastern Afghanistan and seized large amounts of weapons and explosives, military officials reported.

Yesterday, a joint force of Afghan and international troops detained several suspected insurgents after searching a series of buildings in Khost province and compounds in Kandahar province.

The buildings in Khost were known to be used by a Haqqani terrorist cell responsible for distributing improvised explosive devices and IED-making material throughout the region.

In a compound search north of Kandahar City, a joint force pursued Taliban suspects responsible for IED and small-arms attacks, and for shipping weapons and explosives into the region. The force wounded a suspected Taliban commander after he displayed hostile intent with a weapon. Although the force provided immediate medical care, he later died from his wounds.

The joint force also found TNT explosives, one antipersonnel mine, seven AK-47 rifles, fragmentation grenades and communications equipment.

All weapons and equipment were destroyed in place. No Afghan civilians were harmed in either search.

On Sept. 18, a joint Afghan-international force detained three suspected militants in Kandahar province after searching a compound known to be used by insurgents as a weapons supply point.

The Taliban use an extensive network of supply routes in southern Afghanistan to arm and equip their militant elements within the country, officials said.

On Sept. 16, Afghan border policemen from the Garbuz district of Khost province seized weapons and explosives during routine checkpoint stops.

The police were alerted by another checkpoint tower that a vehicle may be attempting to avoid a checkpoint. The police quickly intercepted the vehicle and questioned the driver. The police instructed the driver to move his vehicle to the checkpoint, but the driver refused. The police moved back to the operations center and the driver fled.

While moving the vehicle for further examination, the police took small-arms fire. They quickly returned fire, causing the enemy to flee.

Forces found about 2,500 pounds of explosive material during the inspection.

“The [Afghan border police’s] diligence of stopping any suspicious vehicles from crossing into Afghanistan shows they are hard at work,” said Army Maj. Matthew Gregory, a public affairs officer with the 25th Infantry Division’s 4th Brigade Combat Team.

In a separate incident in the same location, U.S. paratroopers from 4th Brigade’s 425th Brigade Special Troops Battalion stopped two additional vehicles crossing into Afghanistan from Pakistan, and seized 29 AK-47s and two chest racks found in a search. They detained three occupants.

“The removal of these explosives and weapons greatly decreases the effectiveness of the enemies of Afghanistan to carry out operations meant to cause harm to our paratroopers and the innocent Afghans,” Gregory said. “This incident also shows the continued effectiveness of the [Afghan National Security Force] and constant progress Afghan security forces are making to completely take the reins of responsibly for securing their country.”

All explosives were turned over to explosive ordnance detachment personnel for disposal.

No Afghan or coalition personnel were injured.

(Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan and Combined Joint Task Force 82 news releases.)

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