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Petraeus Says We Must Counter Leftard Bloggers (Such As Moral OUtrage)

Posted by Larry Barnes on March 18, 2010

Even though Gen. Petraeus called Iran the “primary state-level threat” in the Middle East. He stated that “Iran undermines security throughout the region in its efforts to gain nuclear weapons”, but many leftard bolggers threaten a broader disinformation race, and use lies and half truths to influence U.S. opinion on Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Afghanistan, Israel and the Gulf region.

Gen Petrreaus said a counterinsurgency tactic Centcom used successfully in Iraq and Afghanistan and he hopes to expand, is to counter extremists’ messages to the public. A regional task force is needed to expand Operation Earnest Voice, a joint mission with the State Department used in Iraq and Afghanistan, he said.

“We were the first in coming forward with the truth,” Petreaus said. “We can’t let the extremists get the upper hand in cyberspace. Clearly, this is an area in which we will need additional policies, capabilities and resources.”

Enemies of the United States have become adept at using the Internet in achieving their aims, the general said. “Extremists recruit there, they proselytize there, they share tactics and strategy there,” he explained. “We have to ask ourselves if this is something we can allow to continue. If not, then we must figure out how to stop it without infringing on free speech.”

Read the full story at:

“There clearly is a real terrorist threat that still exists. Whether it be al-Qaida or its affiliates, (and bloggers) they remain very much a threat to the American people and our allies around the world,” Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell said.

It is easy to believe that bloggers have encouraged the terrorist, and that is why we still have 110,000 forces in Iraq, and why we have forces deployed around the world in support of the war on terror launched after the 9/11 attacks.

“Whether it be in Iraq or Afghanistan or in operations taking place in other parts of the world, we are doing things in a very offensive manner to try to prevent any other attack taking place on our country again. We have taken the fight to the terrorists – as the president said — in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in any number of countries around the world, sometimes directly, sometimes in support of our friends and allies, working by, with and through our partners around the world.” This according to Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell.


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