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Taylor Wofford Is A Retard: What We Learned from an Independent Autopsy

Posted by Larry Barnes on August 24, 2014

Taylor Wofford has thanked me for my input as to his mental acuity. It’s always nice to be noticed.
If you bend Michael Browns right arm can you get a grazing wound and a penetrating wound to line up?

If you put a gun into Michael Browns hand as if he was trying to take it from Officer Wilson can you make a grazing wound and a penetrating wound line up?

If you interview Dr Baden and don’t ask these questions what kind of interviewer are you?

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At one minute thirty seconds.

All quotes are from What We Learned from an Independent Autopsy of Michael Brown
By Taylor Wofford
Filed: 8/18/14 at 1:27 PM | Updated: 8/18/14 at 1:29 PM

“Brown was shot twice in the head, the examination showed: one bullet “entered just above the right eyebrow,” the other “to the very top of the head.” Brown was most likely bending over when the last shot was fired.” Wafford

Both head shots resulted in the bullets traveling in a downward trajectory. The dashed line follows the trajectory inside the body. This shot exited the throat at the collar bone. Brown WAS bending over when these two shots were fired. This is not true only if we have a reasonable explanation not yet heard.

“The autopsy did not reveal signs of a struggle, Dr. Baden said, which casts doubt on an earlier statement by police that a…

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