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“JIHADIST’S” Purge “JIHADIST” From Vocabulary

Posted by Larry Barnes on April 28, 2013

Obama administration has argued for a differentiation between good Jihadi and bad Jihadi and a big difference between terrorists and the tenets of Islam. In an extreme act of capitulation the White House in 2009 publicly urged sheeple on the hill to cease using the term “jihadist” – asserting that terrorists are simply extremists. You have to be stupid to ignore the fact that members of Islam call their terroristic acts “jihad”. Two years later, the White House ordered a cleansing of training materials that Islamic groups in, their jihadist struggle, deemed offensive.

The good “J” word “Justice” has been subdued by the bad “J” word “Jihad”. This is done in order to preempt the bad feelings which would be engendered in a good jihadist because of the use of the word to describe a self described bad jihadist.

“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate
Some men you just can’t reach…
So, you get what we had here last week
Which is the way he wants it!
Well, he gets it!
Now, I don’t like it any more than you” GNR (Civil War)

(with included rewrite to the tune of GNR Civil War)

Our hands are tied
while our dreams of peace
are sweept aside
by the bloody hands of
Jihadist Islamist genocide.

It’s just a word
when it’s said
that you have died.
Don’t dare use a word that
hurts their pride.

They are not our friend,
not on our side.
If we don’t speak the truth
then it’s we who have lied.

Our dreams of peace
are sweept aside
by the bloody hands of
Jihadist Islamist genocide.

Don’t want war
and terms you will render.
Peace in two words
“We surrender”

Our dreams of peace
are sweept aside
by the bloody hands of
Jihadist Islamist genocide.


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Droning On – Bill O’Reilly

Posted by Larry Barnes on April 27, 2013

Droning On – Bill O'Reilly.

Leftards being creatures of habit with a limited scope of resources, I anticipate they will respond to Bill O’Reilly’s recent opinion piece with accusations about the “terror” bombing of Dresden. Well, here is my pre-response:

S.T.F.U. Evil has many tools and a lie is a handle that fits each one. You live in your world, with your tools and handles. You are a tool and you know where the handle goes, now stick it!

A 1953 United States Air Force report defended the operation as the justified bombing of a military and industrial target, which was a major rail transportation and communication center, housing 110 factories and

50,000 workers in support of the German war effort. Dresden was Germany’s seventh-largest city and, according to the RAF at the time, the largest remaining unbombed built-up area. An official 1942 guide to the city described it as “one of the foremost industrial locations of the Reich” and in 1944, the German Army High Command’s Weapons Office listed 127 medium-to-large factories and workshops that were supplying the army with materiel.

Colonel Harold E. Cook, a US POW held in the Friedrichstadt marshaling yard the night before the attacks, later said that “I saw with my own eyes that Dresden was an armed camp: thousands of German troops, tanks and artillery and miles of freight cars loaded with supplies supporting and transporting German logistics towards the east to meet the Russians.”

On 16 February, 1945, the German Propaganda Ministry issued a press release that stated that Dresden had no war industries; it was a city of culture. And now the leftards continue that tradition because they need to get a handle on their tolls of destruction and desolation.

Having been given a paraphrased version of Churchill’s memo by Bottomley, on 29 March, Air Chief Marshal Arthur Harris wrote to the Air Ministry: I … assume that the view under consideration is something like this: no doubt in the past we were justified in attacking German cities. But to do so was always repugnant and now that the Germans are beaten anyway we can properly abstain from proceeding with these attacks. This is a doctrine to which I could never subscribe. Attacks on cities like any other act of war are intolerable unless they are strategically justified. But they are strategically justified in so far as they tend to shorten the war and preserve the lives of Allied soldiers. To my mind we have absolutely no right to give them up unless it is certain that they will not have this effect. I do not personally regard the whole of the remaining cities of Germany as worth the bones of one British Grenadier.

The feeling, such as there is, over Dresden, could be easily explained by any psychiatrist. It is connected with German bands and Dresden shepherdesses. Actually Dresden was a mass of munitions works, an intact government center, and a key transportation point to the East. It is now none of these things.

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“The Third Jihad” Movie

Posted by Larry Barnes on April 4, 2013

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Taliban Forces Dwindle Under ISAF Pressure

Posted by Larry Barnes on May 24, 2010

Forces Capture Taliban Commander in Kandahar

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

WASHINGTON, May 24, 2010 – Afghan and international forces captured a Taliban commander in Kandahar, Afghanistan, last night, the second Taliban leader seized in the region in recent days, military officials reported.

An Afghan-international security force captured the man and several insurgents in the village of Kukaran after intelligence indicated insurgent activity there. The commander is believed to be responsible for leading Taliban fighters in southern Arghandab, coordinating attacks on coalition forces and distributing rockets, improvised explosive devices, small arms and ammunition to fighters throughout the area.

A combined Afghan-international force captured another Taliban commander northwest of Kandahar City on May 22. The man, who surrendered immediately when confronted, is believed to be responsible for ambushing coalition forces and other attacks in the southern Arghandab and Dand districts.

In other news from Afghanistan:

— A combined security force seized materials used to build improvised explosive devices following the search of a compound in the Chahar Darah district of Kunduz province last night.

— In Logar province last night, a combined force detained several suspected insurgents and seized a weapons cache following a search of a compound in Charkh district. The cache included several rocket-propelled grenades, multiple automatic rifles, ammunition, grenades and notes on how to conduct suicide bombings.

— In Zabul province last night, a combined force searched a compound in the Shah Joy district and detained a suspected militant for further questioning.

— In Helmand province yesterday, a combined patrol was given permission to search a mosque in Musa Qal’ah district where they seized a cache consisting of multiple AK-47s, 200 pounds of homemade explosives, pressure plates and a pro-Taliban painting. The cache was removed from the mosque and destroyed.

— Also in the Musa Qal’ah district yesterday, a combined patrol found a cache consisting of 550 pounds of opium and two AK-47s with loaded magazines. Two people were detained for further questioning.

— In western Afghanistan’s Farah province yesterday, a combined patrol confiscated a large weapons cache in a cave and tunnel complex in the Saji Valley. The cache contained two complete 82 mm mortar systems with extra tube and 34 mortar rounds, a 14.5 mm anti-aircraft gun with 200 rounds and three spare barrels, two 82 mm recoilless rifle rounds, seven RPGs, 175 mortar fuses, 14.5 mm and 12.7 mm ammunition, and small-arms ammunition.

– In the Kajaki district of Helmand province yesterday, an international patrol found a weapons cache consisting of two grenades, two mines, six smoke bombs and various explosive components. The cache will be destroyed.

– In the Washer district of Helmand province yesterday, a combined patrol discovered a weapons cache containing more than 1,200 machine gun rounds, three 82 mm mortars and four 120 mm mortars. The cache was destroyed.

In May 21 operations:

— In Helmand province, a combined force detained several suspected insurgents while searching a series of buildings in Lashkar Gah district.

— A combined force detained a suspected insurgent in Zabul while searching a compound in Sha Joy district.

— An international patrol discovered a weapons cache in the Pul-e Khumri district of Baghlan province. Recent heavy rains uncovered the previously buried munitions discovered by local children. The cache, consisting of 20 82 mm grenades, 15 mines and seven artillery rounds, was destroyed.

— An international patrol discovered a weapons cache consisting of four 82 mm rockets, a machine gun and a rocket-propelled grenade in the Panjwa’i district of Kandahar province. The cache was destroyed.

— A combined force destroyed an explosives factory with a precision air strike in Kandahar. The combined force was approaching a compound in a farming area in Zharay district when they discovered the area was heavily mined to protect the building. Once inside, the force discovered a high explosives factory used by insurgents to produce IEDs and mines. The security force called in the strike, which destroyed the building. No Afghan citizens were harmed during the operation.

— In the Bala Baluk district of Farah province, an international patrol found eight detonation devices that link several charges to one initiator, four pressure-plate initiation devices, 20 meters of detonation cord, five remote control initiation devices and 40 battery packs. The cache was confiscated to prevent its use in IEDs.

— In the Murghab district of Badghis province, a combined patrol found two pressure-plate IEDs. The devices were destroyed in place.

— In the Garm Ser district of Helmand province, an ISAF patrol found two bags of ammonium nitrate, a common ingredient in IEDs. The material was confiscated and destroyed.

— In the Now Zad district of Helmand province, a combined patrol found two IEDs, each with 10 pounds of homemade explosives. The devices were designed to detonate when stepped on. An explosive ordnance disposal team destroyed the devices.

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Chairman Mao Murders Thirty People In India

Posted by Larry Barnes on May 18, 2010

It is evident that the evil Mao has spawned is alive and well after a land mine attack in Chhattisgarh state killed more than 30 people. The civilians killed in were not accidental victims of an errant attack. This is the tactics that Mao learned, used and espoused.

Most of those killed in Monday’s blast, which destroyed a bus, were civilians, and the government is under pressure to take a tougher line against the rebels.

The Indian government is thought to want to include the use of air power to fight the Maoists. Thousands have died in the their decades-long fight against humanity and the Indian state.

In this incident it appears that Maoist supporters saw that armed police were on board the bus, and an attack was organized extremely quickly. It is clearly an attack against a target that violates the law of necessity and proportionality. Anything from the BBC, no. But the Indian government says it also demonstrates their barbarity.

“I took to the cabinet committee the case for a larger mandate. I was given a limited mandate. Now we will go back to the cabinet committee to revisit that mandate,” Mr Chidambaram told the NDTV channel.

He said the chief ministers of some of the worst-affected states had asked for air power to be used against the rebels reports the BBC, a measure that the government has so far refused to sanction.

“Operation Green Hunt” began last October, it involves 50,000 members of the police and militia troops and is taking place across five states in India: West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa and Chhattisgarh.

Monday’s attack on the bus in Chhattisgarh state’s Dantewada district has prompted widespread anger and the BBC is doing its best to stamp it out. As the BBC points out, the Maoists have warned civilian bus companies not to transport local police or members of the security forces. This, in the eyes of the BBC, and hopefully yours, makes the Maoists less evil.

The Maoists support has been slipping away from the rebels, particularly after last month’s attack.

Manmohan Singh described by Prime Minister the Maoist insurgency as the country’s biggest internal security threat. The communist inspired BBC would be described by me as number two. Delhi have accept that there is a need to tackle the root causes of the rebellion, such as poverty and the absence of effective local government, but not yet the media that throws gas on the fire.

Chairman Mao initially supported Maoist-style Communist parties in Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Burma, India and Thailand. The Malaysian Communist Party launched an armed rebellion, which the Chairman supported until it became clear that the guerrillas were losing. At the Bandung Conference, a conciliatory Zhou Enlai declared that those Chinese who adopted another nationality should be good citizens of the countries they joined. But this pious statement did not completely allay suspicions that Mao was encouraging indigenous Communist movements among the “bridge compatriots” of Southeast Asia.

Nehru insisted on recognizing China’s “rights” in Tibet despite the pleas of the Tibetans, along with many Indians, that he weighed in against this new form of Chinese hegemony. His appeasement of the “New China” came back to haunt him in 1959 when Mao, having disposed of the Dalai Lama and his followers, began building military roads right up to the existing Indian-Tibetan border, and then, in early September, ordered troops to cross over into India.

Mao’s aggression took Nehru completely by surprise, which is perhaps less a consequence of his naiveté than of Zhou Enlai’s sophisticated sales pitch about the two countries being fellow victims of the Western imperial powers. The Chinese premier had first visited him in New Delhi in April 1954, stopping over on his way back to China from the signing the Geneva peace accord on Indochina. Zhou played the second international stratagem to the hilt, portraying the PRC as a country with impeccable anti-colonialist, anti-imperialist credentials, a country that was a natural member of the Third World club. Nehru agreed.

An Indian delegation at the U.N. had argued on behalf of Communist China’s admission. On that very day that the Chairman sent Chinese forces pouring across the border into India. As Nehru pondered Mao’s perfidy, PLA troops continued their march southward, seizing two important mountain passes that guard approaches to Sikkim and India.

Professor John K. Fairbank of Harvard, for example, wrote in the Atlantic Monthly in 1957 that the regime’s controls over “prices, person and minds, mobilizing of patriotic youth, collectivizing the rural economy and pushing of industrialization” were “remarkable successes” and great achievements.” Not a word about the Maoist terrors that now held the Chinese people in a grip of fear, nor about Mao’s larger aims.

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Fascist Chinese Seek World Control

Posted by Larry Barnes on May 10, 2010

YouTube – Fascist Chinese Seek World Control.

China Military Power Report released

World peace and development are faced with multiple difficulties and challenges. Struggles for strategic
resources, strategic locations and strategic dominance have intensified.
Chinas National Defense in 2008……
Neo-Fascism & China’s Future
By Joe Katzman on August 27, 2004 4:25 AM

In my Normblog interview, I was asked about threats to the future peace and stability of the world. Islamofascism was #1, of course, but I also spent a bit of time explaining my worries about one possible future for China: a future of state capitalism under dictatorial control, a strong need for external resources to fuel that economy, carefully fostered xenophobia, a legacy of belief in the racial superiority of Chinese peoples, a major demographic problem in an excess of young males, and the meme that China is being cheated of its rightful place in the world. Germany’s history in the 20th century teaches us what this combination portends.

See also:…


Fascism has found adherents in all countries. Its essentially vague and emotional nature facilitates the development of unique national varieties, whose leaders often deny indignantly that they are fascists at all. In its dictatorial methods and in its use of brutal intimidation of the opposition by the militia and the secret police, fascism does not greatly distinguish itself from other despotic and totalitarian regimes. There are particular similarities with the Communist regime in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin. However, unlike Communism, fascism abhors the idea of a classless society and sees desirable order only in a state in which each class has its distinct place and function. Representation by classes (i.e., capital, labor, farmers, and professionals) is substituted for representation by parties, and the corporative state is a part of fascist dogma.

Fascism, especially in its early stages, is obliged to be antitheoretical and frankly opportunistic in order to appeal to many diverse groups. Nevertheless, a few key concepts are basic to it. First and most important is the glorification of the state and the total subordination of the individual to it. The state is defined as an organic whole into which individuals must be absorbed for their own and the state’s benefit. This “total state” is absolute in its methods and unlimited by law in its control and direction of its citizens.

A second ruling concept of fascism is embodied in the theory of social Darwinism. The doctrine of survival of the fittest and the necessity of struggle for life is applied by fascists to the life of a nation-state. Peaceful, complacent nations are seen as doomed to fall before more dynamic ones, making struggle and aggressive militarism a leading characteristic of the fascist state. Imperialism is the logical outcome of this dogma.

Another element of fascism is its elitism. Salvation from rule by the mob and the destruction of the existing social order can be effected only by an authoritarian leader who embodies the highest ideals of the nation.

This is the Chinese response to the report:

I know that “essentially vague and emotional nature” is the picture evoked by the CCTV response.

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Abu Suhaib Killed By Iraqi Forces

Posted by Larry Barnes on April 21, 2010

Crackdown Continues on al-Qaida in Iraq

Compiled from U.S. Forces Iraq News Releases

WASHINGTON, April 21, 2010 – Iraqi forces working with U.S. advisors killed one senior al-Qaida in Iraq leader and captured two others in recent operations in Mosul, military officials reported.

In eastern Mosul yesterday, Iraqi forces and U.S. advisors cornered Ahmad Ali Abbas Dahir al-Ubayd, also known as Abu Suhaib, the suspected military leader for the terror organization in northern Iraq. He allegedly is responsible for oversight of both bombing attacks against the Iraqi government and the people of Mosul.

Ubayd refused to leave the building where he was hiding. Instead, he fired at Iraqi forces, who returned fire and killed him.

In a separate combined operation in Mosul yesterday, Iraqi forces working with U.S. advisors arrested a suspected senior al-Qaida in Iraq leader who allegedly is responsible for the consolidation and distribution of the terror organization’s funds in northern Iraq.

Also in Mosul, Iraqi forces and U.S. advisors captured a suspected al-Qaida in Iraq leader who allegedly is responsible for coordinating couriers to connect all aspects of the terror organization from Mosul to Baghdad in an April 19 operation. A suspected criminal associate was captured with him.

From an International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Release

WASHINGTON, April 21, 2010 – Afghan and international forces detained numerous suspected insurgents and seized illegal weapons in recent operations throughout Afghanistan, military officials reported.

In Kandahar province’s Arghandab district last night, a combined Afghan-international security force captured a suspected Taliban bomb expert believed to be responsible for building and emplacing roadside bombs himself and leading a roadside-bomb cell. Nearly a dozen other suspected insurgents also were captured in the raid.

In Kandahar’s Spin Boldak district yesterday, an Afghan border police unit discovered a significant amount of ammonium nitrate and other bomb-making equipment while inspecting vehicles. The border police recovered more than 3,200 pounds of ammonium nitrate — a banned fertilizer often used in making homemade bombs — as well as 12 sticks of a substance believed to be TNT and 800 blasting caps. They detained a man in connection with the find.

East of Marja in Helmand province yesterday, Afghan forces working with International Security Assistance Force partners conducted a combined operation to continue disrupting links between insurgent suicide bombers and narcotics networks. After surrounding a compound in which a man associated with suicide bombing attacks was believed to be located, Afghan special police were able to get all residents to leave. One man was detained, and the patrol found an assault rifle, a shotgun and 66 pounds of opium. One woman and four children were protected throughout this operation, in which no civilians were injured, officials said.

Yesterday in Kandahar, an ISAF patrol found a cache containing four rocket-propelled grenades, an RPG launcher, 20 grenades, three rifle grenades, a machine gun, four assault rifles and a large quantity of small-arms ammunition.

In Kunar yesterday, an Afghan-international combined force captured a Taliban facilitator who also is associated with the Hezb-E Islami Gulbuddin terror organization. The combined force established a roadblock northeast of Karbun, along the border of the Shaikal Shate and Dangam districts, after intelligence information indicated insurgent activity. The combined force surrounded an approaching vehicle and captured the facilitator, who identified himself and surrendered when confronted.

In Helmand’s Nad-e Ali district yesterday, a combined patrol found eight grenades, three claymore mines, four artillery rounds, 22 grenades and an RPG.

No shots were fired, and no Afghan civilians were harmed during these operations, officials said.

In other news from Afghanistan, ISAF Joint Command officials released a statement backing off from part of its official account of an April 19 incident in which four people were killed.

“The term ‘insurgent’ should not have been used to describe two occupants of a vehicle involved in an escalation-of-force incident in Khost province Monday,” the statement said.

Based on initial operational reports, two of the four people killed in a vehicle that approached an ISAF convoy were described as “known insurgents” in an ISAF Joint Command news release about the incident, the statement continued. Officials explained that their fingerprints matched identities contained in a biometric database for previous insurgent activity, and that while it is accurate to say they were in the database, that fact has not yet been determined to be relevant to the incident.

“We sincerely regret this tragic loss of life. Commanders at all levels are increasing efforts to protect the Afghan people affected by our operations,” Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Mike Regner, deputy chief of staff for joint operations at ISAF Joint Command. “Additionally, we are deploying training teams from this headquarters in the coming days to travel throughout Afghanistan to ensure all our troops understand the commander’s guidance and implement critical lessons learned from previous incidents.”

An assessment team made up of ISAF and Afghan forces continues to review the incident in Khost, officials said, and a formal, more thorough joint investigation also may be conducted.

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YouTube – Marines In Afganistan Firefight With Taliban

Posted by Larry Barnes on April 9, 2010

YouTube – Marines In Afganistan Firefight With Taliban.

ldbkbarnea April 06, 2010Marines In Firefight
06 April 2010
U.S. Marines engaged in a firefight with insurgents Monday near the town of Marjah in southern Afghanistan’s Helmand Province.

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Mohannad Rahman Salim Muhaymid al-Ani Reported Killed in Baghdad

Posted by Larry Barnes on March 26, 2010

Key al-Qaida Leader Reported Killed in Baghdad

American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, March 26, 2010 – The suspected Baghdad “sharia emir” for al-Qaida in Iraq was killed today during a combined security operation in the northern part of the Iraqi capital, military officials reported.

A sharia emir is responsible for enforcing radical religious rules imposed by groups such as al-Qaida and the Taliban.

Acting on a warrant issued by an Iraqi judge, Iraqi forces and U.S. advisors searched for Sinan, also known as Mohannad Rahman Salim Muhaymid al-Ani, who is believed to be one of the primary approval authorities for al-Qaida in Iraq attacks and assassinations in the Baghdad region.

Before beginning their search, security team members directed those inside a targeted building to come out in an orderly fashion. One man instead fled to the rooftop and jumped to an adjacent building, eventually making his way to the ground and hiding in a stairwell.

Realizing he was surrounded, he first approached the security team as if to surrender. But as he got near, he lunged at a security team member and tried to wrestle away his firearm. Other security team members shot the man, who died at the scene. He later was identified as the wanted man.

No one else was killed or wounded during the operation, officials said.

After preliminary questioning and an initial examination of evidence at the scene, Iraqi forces arrested three of the man’s suspected criminal accomplices.

In other news from Iraq, Iraqi forces captured a suspected regional al-Qaida in Iraq leader during a combined operation today in Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad.

Iraqi forces and U.S. advisors arrested a suspected al-Qaida in Iraq leader, who is believed to have been involved in planning multiple coordinated vehicle-borne bombing attacks against the Iraqi government, several of which have taken place in Baghdad.

(Compiled from U.S. Forces Iraq news releases.)

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U.N. Chief In Israel: Jews Must be Driven Into The Sea

Posted by Larry Barnes on March 20, 2010

Visiting U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon, Saturday (20MAR10) adopted the terrorist position that “Israeli settlement building anywhere on occupied land is illegal”. That is a evidence that the U.N. is a body controled by the terrorists and dictators of the third world.

The death of 16-year-old Mohammed Qadus, who was shot in the chest by Israeli security forces, comes amid heightened tensions between Israelis and Palestinians after Israel announced plans last week for 1,600 new homes for Jews. The use of the term “disputed east Jerusalem” is a code word for people who wish to acknowledge that any dispute put forth by terrorists is legitimate.

The settlement announcement has sparked phony outrage by the political class and violence from Palestinians, as well as condemnation from politically motivated hacks in the United States.

“Jewish neighborhoods in traditionally Arab east Jerusalem” is the terminology the Associated Press uses to disguise anti-Semitic tendencies in the press.

Ban and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and other major Mideast mediators — known as the Quartet — met in Moscow to try to find a way to pander to terrorists and destroy Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

The mediators urged Israel to halt all settlement construction, which has emerged as a key obstacle to renewing talks. Israel has agreed to curb settlement construction in the West Bank, but not in east Jerusalem, claiming the entire city as Israel’s eternal capital.

‘Must be stopped’
On Saturday, Ban rejected Israel’s distinction between east Jerusalem and the West Bank terrorist terminology “occupied lands”.

“The (leftard and terrorist) world has condemned Israel’s settlement plans in east Jerusalem,” said Ban pandering to the a news media at a conference “Let us be clear. All settlement activity is illegal anywhere in occupied territory and must be stopped.” Everyone listening knows the terrorists consider all Jews occupiers.

The U.N. chief reassured his Palestinian hosts that the international community (of terrorists and thug dictators) supports the establishment of a Palestinian state, and the terrorists will consider this complete when the Israel’s are driven into the sea. Ban also expressed concern about what he said was a worsening humanitarian situation in blockaded Hamas-ruled Gaza, but had no proposals on the situation. This is more evidence that pandering can’t be moderated by constructive endeavors that would alienate him from his terrorist hosts.

Speaking later Saturday in Jerusalem alongside Israeli President Shimon Peres, Ban repeated the Quartet’s call for a resumption of talks and for the establishment of a Palestinian (code for sanctioned terrorism) state within two years.

Earlier this month, Israelis and Palestinians agreed to indirect talks, with U.S. envoy George Mitchell to shuttle between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. However, the negotiations were put on hold after Israel announced its new settlement plans.

A phony diplomatic row between Israel and the U.S., initiated by the Obama clown troop including Hillary Clinton suggested that assimilation of the terrorist language hindered renewed negotiations. Clinton has asked Netanyahu for specific gestures, because leftard believe in symbolism over substance, including canceling the most recent housing plan. She will pretend to listen to the Israeli leader in a meeting in Washington early next week.

Senior U.S. officials in Washington say Netanyahu apparently has put in writing the pledges he made to Clinton during their telephone conversation on Thursday. The problem being that speaking and listening in code will lead to disappointment when negotiations result in a plan language agreement.

“Even though Palestinians fear that expanding settlements will take the land they want for their state” is the way media and politicians position their argument, those that know are not confused. Temporary arguments of the moment are a tool used to keep the useful idiots occupied while inroads are made in the plans to destroy Israel.

Netanyahu has agreed to a 10-month curb in West Bank construction that ends in September, but the the lefttard political machine and their compliant MSM outlets ignore that the apartment complex is schudled to start construction after the end of the 10 month dead line.

Nearly half a million Israelis live on war-won land, including some 180,000 in east Jerusalem and nearly 300,000 in the West Bank.

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