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Plague Strikes Al-Qaeda

Posted by Larry Barnes on January 24, 2009

With the reported death of al-Qaeda terrorists in their Algerian training camp from the bubonic plague, the world takes a trip into the surreal. Four days since the story broke, and not a mention can be found in the Marxist, Stalinist Media (MSM). The alternative media has been treating the event with the deference, and some glee, that it deserves.

The possibility that group mistakenly released germ warfare agents upon themselves exists. Failure to confirm this as fact, or disprove it, will fall upon the Obama administration. The killer bug could be a natural occurrence, or a precursor to terror attacks. The Obama administration has not proven it is not willing to face the truth in the war on terror.

The impetus to assess whether our nation is prepared for a bio terrorist attack will fall upon our intelligence services. The democrats have demonstrated a pattern of ignoring the real world and avoiding actions that would degrade their polls.

The bio terrorism threat posed by al-Qaeda and it’s Algerian cohorts is credible and not a surprise for American experts. A declared intention to attack America should make these people prime targets for observation and elimination. al-Qaeda in the land of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), is the largest al-Qaeda group outside of the Middle East, and they have maintained a close relationship with active terrorist groups.


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