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Obama, US “Recovery” Pledge

Posted by Larry Barnes on January 24, 2009

US President Barack Obama and his administration will be held accountable for the success or failure of his economic stimulus plan. All decisions about where to invest the money congress apprpriates will come from him and his party and will be made public and his website.

Mr Obama made the pledge in his first weekly on Tuesday. If Mr Obama’s recovery plan clears Congress by February the money would most likely be of benefit to the democrats in their 2010 year House election cycle.

President Obama said the United States had found itself “in the midst of an unprecedented crisis that calls for unprecedented action”.

So far, more people have filed for unemployment than at any time in the last two decades, and experts agree that the Obama administration will cause the unemployment rate to reach double digits.

Our economy will suffer from heavy taxationa d government spending on pork barrel programs proposed by Obama and congress. The lose of income to families will translate into lower revenues to the treasury. The long range effects on the economy will last for at least a generation. More Americans will be forced to forgo college and America will be forced to look over seas for educated talent.

The US unemployment rate is over 7%, and California’s just surpassed 9% after the democrat controlled fell in world ranking. Once the worlds seventh largest, now is ranks 9th. The democrats appear to have a thing for 9’s.

Obama plans to take credit for a dismal economy by predicting low job rates and low growth. The numbers produced by the administration reflect the considered opinion that americans are ignorant of facts about the economy. Saving or creating three to four million jobs over the next few years will reflect a dismal record for the policies of the Obama plan, but sounds good to the democratic voter.

“This recovery plan will allow the American people to hold my administration accountable for these results,” Obama said. But he knows that the overall result will be a continued failure to understand the failures of communist financial irresponsibility.

“We’ll launch an unprecedented effort to root out waste, inefficiency, and unnecessary spending in our government, and every American will be able to see how and where we spend taxpayer dollars by going to a new website called”, the administration announced. The site will undoubtedly be used much the same way FDR used his fireside chats, spread disinformation and make Obama look good even though he fails.

The recovery plan suggests more than 40% of the new jobs should go to women in keeping with the democrat policy of pandering to constituents. Robert Reich, acting as a flack for bad policy has suggested that other programs that will be a boondoggle for democrat voters.


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