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Martial Law, Troops Take to the Streets, Citizens Terrorized, Night Demolition, Helicopter Landing

Posted by Larry Barnes on March 30, 2009

U.S. Northern Command Assists With North Dakota Flooding
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, March 30, 2009 – U.S. Northern Command continues to coordinate additional and ongoing Department of Defense support to Federal Emergency Management Agency, state and local authorities in North Dakota and Minnesota supporting disaster operations in response to flooding in North Dakota.

Northcom officials mobilized defense coordinating officers and defense coordinating elements to the FEMA Regional Response Coordination Center in Bismarck, N.D., serving FEMA regions 5 and 8. The DCO acts as the liaison between FEMA and Northcom, relaying capabilities available to FEMA and coordinating movement of active-duty personnel and equipment to assist should the need arise. The DCE acts as administrative support to the DCO.

Northcom officials also deployed five CH-47 Chinook helicopters and two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters to Grand Forks Air Force Base, N.D., for a variety of missions in support of FEMA. Potential missions include search and rescue, supply transportation, and movement of evacuees or other response personnel.

The command also deployed three search-and-rescue planners from its headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo., and two more from Air Forces Northern at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., to assist in SAR planning at the Joint Personnel Recovery Center at Tyndall. The three planners from Northcom’s Standing Joint Force Headquarters North division will assist in the efforts being conducted at the JRPC, which focuses specifically on large-scale search-and-rescue operations in the event of a hurricane or natural disaster.

When a disaster occurs, the JPRC activates and coordinates the SAR actions of all rescue aircraft in the disaster area to improve the efficiency of rescue operations and reduce the potential for accidents.

In coordination with Air Forces Northern, Northcom also is sending an aviation planner to the North Dakota Emergency Operations Center to prepare for potential SAR missions in the affected areas.

FEMA requested, and Northcom is supporting, use of Grand Forks Air Force Base as a national logistics staging area. The NLSA will consist of five to 10 acres of space, including 1,000 square feet of office space, necessary to support forward distribution of supplies and equipment to affected areas in North Dakota. The airfield at the base also is being used to forward stage active-duty helicopters.

In addition, Northcom officials mobilized a defense coordinating officer and defense coordinating element to FEMA Region 8’s Regional Response Coordination Center in Bismarck, N.DU.S. Northern Command, established in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, is responsible for homeland defense and defense support of civil authorities.

(From a U.S. Northern Command news release.)

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A Dark Conspiracy, A Conversation with “w0nderboy89”

Posted by Larry Barnes on March 24, 2009

“exactly.. but we just choose the puppet on the right or the puppet on the left”. w0nderboy89

A puppet is a person who responds to influence that one disagrees with. I don’t agree with the concept that we elect people that are guided by unseen forces. I know, from study, that we elect people who develop a world view and then act on it.

“I strongly recommend you to read Benjamin Freedmans’s speech it makes so much sense”. quoting w0nderboy89

“Mr. Freedman knew what he was talking about because he had been an insider at the highest levels of Jewish organizations and Jewish machinations to gain power over our nation. Mr. Freedman was personally acquainted with Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy, and many more movers and shakers of our times.” Intro to Freedman’s speech

Wilson applauded the annexation of Puerto Rico and the Philippines…” they are children and we are men in these deep matters of government and justice”.

“we dont really know whats going on these politicians are just all the same”. w0nderboy89

The truth is, if you have a depth and breath of knowledge, you do know what they are thinking and what they will do. The best that can be said is, “Love the sinner but hate the sin”.

Dylan was right, “don’t follow leaders”. Don’t believe what is true, know what is true.

I don’t hate Jews or Turks or Japanese, or Germans or Muslims or anyone else. It’s individuals that are right or wrong not left or right. It is not wrong to believe that there are dark cabals intent on subjugation, there are. But the threat is not that our liberty will be stolen from us, because it will be purchased. We are more at risk from the tax man than we are from terrorists, because the tax man will come with the power of the law behind him. No power is worse than that which comes from the moral authority of the writ of sanctification by the voters.

“w0nderboy89” said I should read Freedman’s speech and I did. In order to know a man you need to know who he associates with. The following people were close associates of Mr. Freedman.

Bernard Baruch was born in Camden, South Carolina to Simon and Belle Baruch. He was the second of four sons. His father Dr. Simon Baruch (1840-1921) was a German immigrant of Jewish ethnicity. Please read his wiki information.

Untermyer was born in Lynchburg, Virginia on March 6, 1858 to Isadore and Therese Untermyer, both of whom were of Jewish descent. Please read his wiki information.

Joseph Kennedy’s term as Ambassador to England, and his political ambitions ended abruptly during the Battle of Britain in November 1940, with the publishing of his controversial remarks suggesting that “Democracy” is finished in England.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, witnessed and approved and, on occasion, participated in all of the Wilson Administration excess of WWI. There is nor record that he disapproved of George Creel’s propaganda ministry or had any larger misgivings about the war abroad or at home. He watched as the Wilson cult was promoted. He approved of the suppression of dissidents and celebrated the pasage of the Sedition and Espionage acts. (Research how Wilson suppressed Americans)

You can read the full text of Freedman’s remarks here;

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