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Forces Arrest Tae Kwon Do Murder Suspect, Others in Iraq

Posted by Larry Barnes on September 28, 2009

American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, Sept. 28, 2009 – Iraqi forces, aided by U.S. troops, arrested multiple terrorism suspects, including one accused in a 2006 Tae Kwon Do kidnapping and murder case, and seized weapons throughout Iraq in recent days, military officials reported.

On Sept. 24, Iraqi soldiers, with U.S. advisors, arrested a suspect in the 2006 kidnapping and murder of Iraq national Tae Kwon Do team members. In May 2006, while the team was en route to Jordan for a training camp, terrorists stopped their vehicle between Ramadi and Fallujah and abducted all 15 team members. In June of the following year, remains believed to be those of the missing team were found.

The force, operating under a warrant issued by the Magistrate Court in Karmah, found the suspect near Khalidiyah. The suspect also is believed to be involved in multiple terrorist activities and crimes against Iraq, officials said.

In Mahmudiyah, Hillah special weapons and tactics team members, with U.S. forces advisors, arrested 16 suspected terrorists yesterday. The Iraqi forces were operating under the authority of warrants issued by the District Court of Babil in accordance with Iraq’s anti-terrorism law. The men are suspected of playing various roles in terrorist activities connected with al-Qaida in Iraq network operating in and around Babil province, officials said.

Meanwhile, Iraqi security forces arrested a vehicle-bomb cell member and five other suspected terrorists yesterday during a series of security operations conducted in central and northern Iraq.

In eastern Ramadi, Iraqi soldiers with U.S. forces advisors arrested two suspects while conducting a warranted search for a known bomb cell member. Along with the wanted man, Iraqi soldiers identified the second suspect as an al-Qaida in Iraq associate believed to be involved in assassinations and attacks against Iraqi security forces and civilians.

In a separate operation, Iraqi police with U.S. forces advisors searched two buildings in Baqubah for a man charged in a warrant with coordinating suicide bomb attacks in Diyala province. Iraqi police apprehended a suspect who attempted to flee from security forces. Police questioned the suspect, who was determined to be an accomplice to criminal and terrorist activity.

In Rashad Valley, Iraqi forces, aided by U.S. troops, arrested three suspects associated with a Kirkuk bomb network. The suspects are believed to be responsible for training others on how to manufacture and employ vehicle-borne explosives.

Elsewhere, Iraqi security forces with U.S. advisors arrested six suspected terrorists Sept. 26 during separate security operations in northern Iraq. The force arrested four people during a search for an al-Qaida in Iraq extortion and finance leader in Mosul. The suspects are believed to be al-Qaida in Iraq associates.

Near Abassi, southwest of Kirkuk, the force arrested the al-Qaida in Iraq military leader of Abassi. The man is charged in a warrant with coordinating and participating in multiple vehicle- bomb attacks targeting Iraqi security forces. The security team also arrested a second suspect near Abassi. Iraqi security forces identified the man as an associate of al-Qaida in Iraq operating in the Hawijah area.

In other operations in Iraq:

— Iraqi security forces with U.S. soldiers seized three weapons caches near Byaa in Diyala province Sept. 25.

— Iraqi and U.S. forces conducted a large-scale clearing operation Sept. 23 along a key road in Kirkuk province to prevent insurgents from staging attacks with homemade bombs. Several attacks had taken place recently on the road, which is the main artery from Hawijah to Kirkuk, officials said. The force found multiple command wires used to trigger bombs along the route.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)


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U.S. Government Seeks Justice in Iraqi Court

Posted by Larry Barnes on March 23, 2009

By Army Sgt. Frank Vaughn
Special to American Forces Press Service

CAMP VICTORY, Iraq, March 23, 2009 – U.S. Army officials filed a formal complaint March 11 in the Central Criminal Court of Iraq in an effort to bring 12 suspects to justice for their roles in an ambush near Yusifiyah, Iraq.

The May 12, 2007, ambush resulted in the deaths of seven American soldiers.

Army Lt. Col. Richard Ruffcorn, director of intelligence and officer in charge of the 10th Mountain Division’s missing and captured operations cell, filed the complaint at the criminal court.

“According to Iraqi law, someone must be present to file the complaint in person before suspects can be formally charged,” Ruffcorn, an Omaha, Neb., native, said. “After all of our efforts to locate [the missing soldiers], I considered it an honor to stand on behalf of their families.”

According to an earlier report, a terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq, suspected of ties to al-Qaida in Iraq, claimed responsibility for the ambush on elements of 10th Mountain Division’s 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team.

Three of the seven soldiers killed — Staff Sgt. Alex Jimenez, Spc. Byron Fouty and Pfc. Joseph Anzack — were reported captured by insurgents in the aftermath of the attack. The body of Anzack, of Torrance, Calif., was recovered from the Euphrates River on May 23, 2007. Jimenez and Fouty remained missing for more than a year following the recovery of Anzack.

After an exhaustive investigation in which MISCAP cooperated with multiple U.S. government agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Defense Intelligence Agency, as well as analysts from U.S. Central Command, the remains of Jimenez and Fouty were discovered July 9, 2008, after al-Qaida leaders led coalition forces to a location about 12 miles south of the ambush site.

“Finding these soldiers would not have happened without the cooperation of many different agencies and people,” Ruffcorn said. “It took everyone involved to make this happen.”

Now that the missing soldiers have been recovered, U.S. officials have focused their efforts on bringing the attackers to justice.

Army Lt. Col. Mike Ryan, staff judge advocate for 10th Mountain Division, said the Iraqi government has been very cooperative in this effort.

“The new security agreement between Iraq and coalition forces places suspects detained by us under Iraqi jurisdiction,” Ruffcorn said. “However, we are allowed to file formal complaints with the Iraqi court system to start the process of prosecution.”

The Iraqi judicial system works similarly to that of the United States, Ryan said.

“The process begins with an investigative judge who hears the complaint and evaluates evidence to determine if the case warrants prosecution,” he said. “This is similar to what a magistrate does in the U.S.”

If an investigative judge determines there is enough evidence to proceed with a case, it is referred to a trial court for further disposition. Under Iraqi law, a panel of three judges presides over trials and examines witnesses personally, Ryan said.

Now that the 12 suspects in this case have been formally charged, they must await trial. The date for trial has not been set, but Ryan said he expects it to start sometime in the next several months.

Ruffcorn said this process is a tremendous sign of cooperation between coalition forces and the Iraqi government.

“After spending so much time, effort and, frankly, emotion finding Jimenez and Fouty, I’m proud to see the Iraqi government stepping up to bring their killers to justice,” he said. “There are definitely people in the Iraqi government who are dedicated to seeing their government succeed.”

(Army Sgt. Frank Vaughn serves with Multinational Division Center.)

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Judge Dismisses Charges Against USS Cole Suspect

Posted by Larry Barnes on February 7, 2009

By Gerry J. Gilmore
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Feb. 6, 2009 – Charges against an accused terrorist being held at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, were dismissed yesterday by the judge who oversees the military commissions system, Defense Department officials said.

Susan J. Crawford, the convening authority for military commissions at Guantanamo, yesterday dismissed the government’s charges against Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri in accordance with President Barack Obama’s order to temporarily halt activities there, Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell told the Pentagon Channel today.

However, Nashiri isn’t going anywhere, Morrell pointed out. The suspected al-Qaida operative, he said, will remain confined at Guantanamo and could have charges brought against him in the future.

Nashiri “will remain in custody, charges can be brought against him again if the administration would choose to do so in the future, and we are fully in compliance with the executive order the president signed a couple of days after his inauguration, halting all military commissions activities” at Guantanamo, Morrell said.

The White House has tasked the Pentagon to review detention operations at Guantanamo to ascertain whether or not detainees are humanely treated according to the Geneva Conventions.

Obama is scheduled to meet with victims of the USS Cole bombing and the 9/11 attacks at the White House today.

Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates this week directed Navy Adm. Patrick M. Walsh, the vice chief of Naval Operations, to lead the Pentagon’s assessment of Guantanamo’s detainee operations. Walsh is at Guantanamo now and his review is to be completed within 30 days.

Nashiri is the alleged planner of the Oct. 12, 2000, bombing of the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Cole when it was berthed in Aden, Yemen. Seventeen U.S. sailors died and 39 were injured in the attack.

Some family members and friends of servicemembers killed or injured in the USS Cole attack have voiced concerns that Nashiri could escape justice if the detention center is closed within a year, as is stipulated by Obama’s Jan. 22 executive order.

“We all feel for them,” Morrell said of the grieving families and friends. “The last thing anyone wants to do is victimize these people twice.”

The bottom line, Morrell said, is that Nashiri remains in U.S. custody.

“He is confined and will be until some determination is made by a court or some legal authority in the future,” Morrell said. “The only thing that has happened now is that his legal case will not proceed while this review is under way into the whole military commissions process.”

A military judge at Guantanamo on July 29 ordered that legal proceedings against Nashiri continue. The judge scheduled Nashiri to be arraigned Feb. 9. The judge’s order contradicted Obama’s Jan. 20 directive to Gates to cease referring any new cases through the military commissions process at Guantanamo Bay and to request 120-day continuances on all active cases there. Two days later, the president issued three executive orders, one of which directs the closure of the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay within the year.

Pentagon spokesman Navy Cmdr. J.D. Gordon yesterday said that Crawford’s decision regarding Nashiri “reflects the fact that the president has issued an executive order which mandates that the military commissions be halted, pending the outcome of several comprehensive reviews of our detention operations at Guantanamo.”

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Iran Demands An Apology

Posted by Larry Barnes on January 30, 2009

It is appropriate that as a representative of the democrat party and a communist that Obama apologize to the Iranian people. The failures of the democrat Carter led to the years of terror and suffering endured by the people of Iran. Compounding this problem Obama’s communist cohorts in the fifty’s threatened to seize the county and turn over their oil riches to the USSR’s evil ends and provide the expansionist nation a warm water port in the I.O.

Representing a government that has murdered and repressed its people, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ranged into delirium with a list of “I’m rubber, your glue” accusations. “Those who speak of change must apologize to the Iranian people and try to repair their past crimes,” he said.

The US has constantly expressed concern for the Iranian people as opposed to “stood against” them as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said during an address in the western region of Khermenshah. President Obama’s offer to extend a hand if Iran “unclenched its fist”, met the response expected from a mad man.

President Barack Obama has discussed the possibility of a softening of US policy towards Iran and talks “with out preconditions” and has received his response.

Contrary to the Mad Man In A Dinner Jacket’s desire, “God willing, he [George W Bush] has gone to hell”, George Bush was last reported in Texas, not Tehran.

The Iranian president welcomed the possibility of US change, but said it should be “fundamental and effective” rather than just a change of tactics.

Our correspondent says we may see twists and turns out of Iran as its leaders work out whether Mr Obama is offering real change and what they may offer in return.

Ahmadinejad congratulated Mr Obama after his election but he was playing to the crowd ahead of Iran’s presidential election in June. His attack on US support for Israel and his blind eye toward his country’s murder of Allied forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, complete the picture of man in need of a lesson in American power.

Demonstrating a total disconnect, He called for US withdrawal from the world and for America to “stop interfering in other people’s affairs”. The usual demands made by megalomaniacs who desire to kill their own people and dominate their neighbors.

In the fashion of Neville Chamberlain, the new US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, said on Monday that she was looking forward to “vigorous diplomacy that includes direct diplomacy with Iran”. I am sure that she will receive from Tehran all the “signed” papers that any diplomat could choke down.

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A Flag Of Truce

Posted by Larry Barnes on January 24, 2009

The lack of outrage from the left and the Muslim world at President Obama’s first war crime is staggering. Under a virtual flag of truce, the strike that killed civilians in Pakistan goes without notice.

Having been elected on promises to negotiate with our enemies and having appointed as US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the entire world must have understood that a ceasefire would ensue. Without a formal statement to the contrary, any offensive action would not have been anticipated by belligerents in this conflict. No one would reasonably believe that hostilities would continue unabated, a virtual flag of truce.

Without any doubt the authorization for the attack in Pakistan would have to have come from the White House. I am sure we can expect continued treachery from this administration and silence from the left.

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Obama Kills 16 Innocent Paki’s

Posted by Larry Barnes on January 24, 2009

The enraged Islamic world retaliated against the arrogant Obama administration with a Falluja car bomb blast that killed 13 Iraqi’s. It is not apparent that anything will stop the Obama administrations war on civilians.

Thirteen people have been killed in a car bomb attack targeting a police patrol near the western Iraqi city of Falluja, police have said. The police patrol was returning to its base in the town of al-Karmah when the IED exploded.

The area is a stronghold of Sunni insurgents, and the attack comes a week after Obama attacked a village in Pakistan and before Iraqi provincial elections.

The dead in the two most recent attacks included several dozen police officers sources said.

In December two bomb attacks in Falluja killed 19 police officers.

Falluja has been relatively calm although attacks have continued. The scene of heavy fighting four years ago, US military and local tribes have co-operated in reducing terrorist activity since 2006.

Coming on the heels of an Obama missile strike on Pakistan, this latest attack could be seen as a continuation of resistance to his policy.

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