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CNN Can’t Get Any Stupider, Or Can They

Posted by Larry Barnes on August 20, 2014

At no point in her cell phone video does Ms. Crenshaw identify the officer who shot Brown. She says “they shot”, and does not attempt to claim in the interview that she pointed out officer Wilson when she surrendered her video to the police.

Where is the car Man?–and-two-lives-forever-changed/2014/08/16/f28f5bc0-2588-11e4-8593-da634b334390_story.html

In Ferguson, three minutes — and two lives forever changed
Quote from the story:
Johnson took off running and hid behind the first car he saw, Bosley said. “Big Mike runs by him. He says to Dorian, ‘Keep running,’ ” Bosley said. “The officer chases Big Mike. He fires a shot and hits Big Mike in the back. Big Mike turns around. [Brown] puts his hands up. The officer shoots him five or six more times.”

Where is the car Man? The car Johnson hid behind? Yes that car. It’s further down the road because Brown charged the Officer!

As the truth continues to bounce off their thick skulls, CNN continues to beat the dead horse pulling their drive-by cart.

Known wounds with wound count.

photo copy

If you bend Michael Browns right arm can you get a grazing wound and a penetrating wound to line up?

If you put a gun into Michael Browns hand as if he was trying to take it from Officer Wilson can you make a grazing wound and a penetrating wound line up?

If you interview Dr Baden and don’t ask these questions what kind of interviewer are you?


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