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Michael Brown Road Rash And Pants Down, Proof Michael Rushed Wilson?

Posted by Larry Barnes on August 22, 2014

photo (1)IMG_20140813_214837.michael-brown-scene.800xmag.by_.millennialfalcon-292x350
Dorian Johnson said Brown was shot at the police car. There may be a blood trail that lays out the exact path Brown took after he was shot.

Michael Brown’s “Baden” autopsy was poorly done bordering on fraudulent. The wound on the right upper arm would have a wound track to the right nipple that would make it very difficult or painful or impossible to raise the right arm above the head. The determining factor would be bone and muscle damage.

The real autopsy result may determine if all the witness statements about Brown raising his arms in surrender are false.

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Michael Browns crime scene photos show his pants were pulled down by the force of his forward motion when added to Dr Baden’s statement that Brown had a road rash may prove Brown rushed Wilson.

As the truth continues to bounce off their thick skulls, CNN continues to beat the dead horse pulling their drive-by cart.

Known wounds with wound count.

photo copy

If you bend Michael Browns right arm can you get a grazing wound and a penetrating wound to line up?

If you put a gun into Michael Browns hand as if he was trying to take it from Officer Wilson can you make a grazing wound and a penetrating wound line up?

If you interview Dr Baden and don’t ask these questions what kind of interviewer are you?


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