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CNN Ambush Of Forensic Pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht

Posted by Larry Barnes on August 22, 2014

The Ferguson PD continues, as the city burns, to insist on making no comments on the case. This is of course proper, but if the DOJ can investigate because of exceptional circumstances, maybe they could release an autopsy that was done in a more professional manner.

As the truth continues to bounce off their thick skulls, CNN continues to beat the dead horse pulling their drive-by cart.

Known wounds with wound count.

photo copy

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CNN must not have made Dr. Wecht aware of their prior interview of Dorian Johnson.

The officer put his cruiser in reverse, Bosley said, and pulled up so close that when he opened the door, it bumped Johnson and Brown. “Through the window of his cruiser, he grabs Big Mike by the throat,” Bosley said. “Big Mike tries to move away. The officer grabs his shirt.”

Johnson, who was a student at Lincoln University, saw the officer pull out a gun. “He shoots Big Mike somewhere in the chest or arm,” Bosley said. “Dorian sees blood coming from the chest.”

At one minute thirty seconds in the video Johnson says Brown is shot at close range. This shot could have left stippling or GSR and no one asked Dr Baden about this.

Was Dr Baden intentionally deceptive? The issue of GSR should have been better explained. The wound to Michael…

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