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Droning On – Bill O’Reilly

Posted by Larry Barnes on April 27, 2013

Droning On – Bill O'Reilly.

Leftards being creatures of habit with a limited scope of resources, I anticipate they will respond to Bill O’Reilly’s recent opinion piece with accusations about the “terror” bombing of Dresden. Well, here is my pre-response:

S.T.F.U. Evil has many tools and a lie is a handle that fits each one. You live in your world, with your tools and handles. You are a tool and you know where the handle goes, now stick it!

A 1953 United States Air Force report defended the operation as the justified bombing of a military and industrial target, which was a major rail transportation and communication center, housing 110 factories and

50,000 workers in support of the German war effort. Dresden was Germany’s seventh-largest city and, according to the RAF at the time, the largest remaining unbombed built-up area. An official 1942 guide to the city described it as “one of the foremost industrial locations of the Reich” and in 1944, the German Army High Command’s Weapons Office listed 127 medium-to-large factories and workshops that were supplying the army with materiel.

Colonel Harold E. Cook, a US POW held in the Friedrichstadt marshaling yard the night before the attacks, later said that “I saw with my own eyes that Dresden was an armed camp: thousands of German troops, tanks and artillery and miles of freight cars loaded with supplies supporting and transporting German logistics towards the east to meet the Russians.”

On 16 February, 1945, the German Propaganda Ministry issued a press release that stated that Dresden had no war industries; it was a city of culture. And now the leftards continue that tradition because they need to get a handle on their tolls of destruction and desolation.

Having been given a paraphrased version of Churchill’s memo by Bottomley, on 29 March, Air Chief Marshal Arthur Harris wrote to the Air Ministry: I … assume that the view under consideration is something like this: no doubt in the past we were justified in attacking German cities. But to do so was always repugnant and now that the Germans are beaten anyway we can properly abstain from proceeding with these attacks. This is a doctrine to which I could never subscribe. Attacks on cities like any other act of war are intolerable unless they are strategically justified. But they are strategically justified in so far as they tend to shorten the war and preserve the lives of Allied soldiers. To my mind we have absolutely no right to give them up unless it is certain that they will not have this effect. I do not personally regard the whole of the remaining cities of Germany as worth the bones of one British Grenadier.

The feeling, such as there is, over Dresden, could be easily explained by any psychiatrist. It is connected with German bands and Dresden shepherdesses. Actually Dresden was a mass of munitions works, an intact government center, and a key transportation point to the East. It is now none of these things.


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Buffalo Soldier Statue Rededication

Posted by Larry Barnes on February 5, 2009

Black History Month Observance Set
By Donna Miles
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Feb. 5, 2009 – The active-duty grandson of a Buffalo Soldier joined Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey Jr. here today to rededicate a statue honoring the soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments, all-black units made up of former slaves, freemen and black Civil war soldiers.

The rededication of the Army’s Eddie Dixon replica Buffalo Soldier statue at the Pentagon kicked off the Army’s Black History Month commemoration.

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“It is a time for all of us to celebrate the past, present and future contributions of all African-Americans to this nation,” Casey said during the ceremony.

The Buffalo Soldiers were highly respected for their tenacity and bravery on the plains during the westward movement and in the Spanish-American War and World War I before being disbanded during World War II.

“They answered the call to service, and in doing so, left an inspiring legacy,” Casey said.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Greg Browne, an operations noncommissioned officer at the U.S. Army Reserve Command at Fort McPherson, Ga., is among those younger generations who followed the Buffalo Soldiers’ example. His grandfather, Pfc. Sylvanus S. Browne, served with the 9th Cavalry at the turn of the century, and became a commissioned officer in 1917.

The younger Browne said his grandfather’s stories about his service filled him with pride and inspired him to join the Army. He enlisted in 1981, the same year his grandfather died, and he has worn the uniform through 28 years of combined active-duty and reserve service.

Today’s ceremony felt great, he said, because it ensures the story of the Buffalo Soldiers — his own family’s story — lives on.

“This is a story that must be told,” he said. “I am going to carry it everywhere I go. I want my children to know. I think we have a responsibility to let the ones who come after us to know the history.”

At the center of that story, Browne said, is the Buffalo Soldiers’ commitment to service when the country needed them.

“It’s something very, very strong and very, very powerful, and our family cherishes it,” he said. “Everyone needs to serve the country.”

Browne and Casey both noted President Barack Obama’s call during his inaugural address for all Americans to serve in some capacity. Casey called it striking that Obama had highlighted “the willingness of our armed forces to sacrifice to find meaning in something greater than ourselves” as an example to the country.

The Buffalo Soldiers statue, and the story of service behind it, “represents the very heart of our president’s call,” Casey said.

“It represents service to the nation during a tough time — service by Americans determined to make a better future for those who follow them,” he added.

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