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Taliban Blusters While It’s Leadership Dies

Posted by Larry Barnes on June 4, 2010

If you understand why the Afghan tribal leaders have endorsed President Hamid Karzai’s plan to seek peace with the Taliban, on the final day of national peace talks in Kabul, you understand the principle of , Fight, Negotiate, Fight, Negotiate. Even thought the “peace jirga” ended by backing an amnesty and job incentives to induce militants to give up arms, the political desires of the Taliban are still going to be advanced by threats and intimidation.

Terrorist groups have said in the past that it would negotiate with the government only once foreign troops had left the country. This kind of bluster threatens to extend Taliban influence over the weak minded public, and not one inch in the field of battle. As the following story points out the number of terrorists available to make unreasonable demands is shrinking.

Taliban Leader’s Death Confirmed; Forces Seize Insurgent Sub-Commander

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

WASHINGTON, June 4, 2010 – A Taliban sub-commander was captured and several other suspected insurgents were killed or captured yesterday by Afghan and international security forces, military officials reported.

Officials also confirmed the death last week of Mullah Zergay, the senior Taliban commander for Afghanistan’s Kandahar City region, during a firefight with Afghan-international forces during an operation in the Zharay district.

During an operation in Logar province yesterday, a combined force captured a Taliban sub-commander who is responsible for improvised explosive device and small-arms attacks against coalition forces. The combined force was searching a compound in the village of Muchkeyl in the Kharwar district after intelligence information confirmed insurgent activity.

When confronted, the Taliban sub-commander, who has ties to the Haqqani network, immediately surrendered and identified himself as the targeted insurgent.

Also yesterday, a separate Afghan-international security force action resulted in the detention of several individuals suspected of insurgent activity in Ghazni province. The combined force detained the suspected insurgents while searching a compound in the village of Bar Nowruzk, Qarah Bagh district, after intelligence information confirmed insurgent activity. No shots were fired and no one was harmed during the above operations.

During another operation yesterday, a coalition helicopter attacked and killed multiple insurgents as they were moving to a fighting position in Farah province. Aircraft were directed to a cave complex in a rural area of Gulistan district, after intelligence information verified insurgent activity. After observing widely separated groups of armed men moving to prepared fighting positions away from the caves, aircraft engaged a group, killing the insurgents. A ground search force found two automatic rifles, ammunition and a grenade.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Mullah Zergay, the Taliban commander of the Kandahar city area, was killed last week by Afghan-international forces during an operation conducted in the Zharay district.

Zergay had directed insurgent activities in the Arghandab and Zharay districts, including Kandahar City. He used explosives in nearly all of his operations and was directly responsible for multiple deaths in Kandahar City, alone. He rose to power through violent intimidation campaigns against civilians and by leading kidnappings and executions of government employees and village elders.

After tracking his location for several weeks, an Afghan-international security force moved to capture Zergay in a Taliban safe haven area south of Kudeza’i in Zharay district. As the assault force approached, several armed insurgents attacked it with machine-gun fire and rocket propelled grenades.

The assault force returned fire and during the ensuing firefight Zergay and several members of his security detachment were killed. Zergay’s death is considered to be a major loss for the Taliban leadership in southern Afghanistan.


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South Korea In A Corner, No Trustworthy Allie

Posted by Larry Barnes on May 21, 2010

Hillary Clinton: “The evidence is overwhelming and condemning”, and I am sure that international consequences over the sinking of a Southern warship in March will be swift boated by the Obama machine.

She said on a visit to Tokyo that, despite Pyongyang’s denials, evidence the North had torpedoed the ship was “overwhelming”.

South Korea’s president said the response to the sinking must be “very prudent”. On doubt that the lack of an allie will ensure that it is, and futile too boot.

He also firmly blamed North Korea when he addressed his security council.

It was a “surprise military attack from North Korea [that came] while South Korean people were resting late at night”, President Lee Myung-bak said.

Foreign investigators said in a report that a torpedo had hit the ship, killing 46 people.

Experts from the US, the UK, Australia and Sweden found that parts of the torpedo retrieved from the sea floor had lettering that matched a North Korean design.

Mrs Clinton has called on North Korea to “stop its provocative behavior” and her forceful personality will be instrumental in deterring homicidal maniacs. Mrs Clinton said it could not be business as usual with North Korea, I am confident new sanctions will plunge the North Korean people into extended suffering.

Action at the UN is most likely to be blunted by the Chinese government that holds economic daggers to the heart of the west.

A senior US official told me it is clear that South Korea does not wish to go to war and will not take steps that run that risk.

He added there is also no evidence that North Korea is preparing to go to war despite all the rhetoric.

The BBC has been able to contribute to the forgive and forget tendency by portraying the action as a “a one-off action”, without regard to a long history of North Korean aggression. The BBC has shown it not qualified to comment on world affairs with the assertion that “North Korea’s motivations are still unclear”.

Secretary Clinton has revealed the Obama plan by stating “This will not be and cannot be business as usual. There must be an international, not just a regional, but an international response.” This of course means that the international community will be to blame when no action is taken.

South Korea’s president’s plan of action to include taking the evidence of an attack to the UN Security Council in an attempt to win support for tougher sanctions on North Korea, proves he is aware of the corner he is in.

President Lee told his security council the sinking of the Cheonan on 26 March had violated the UN Charter and the 1953 armistice which effectively ended the Korean War as have many other actions taken by the North. But, let us ignore history. “Since this case is very serious and has a grave importance, we cannot afford to have a slightest mistake and will be very prudent in all response measures we take,” he said.

South Korean Defence Minister Kim Tae-young told reporters at a separate briefing that the North would be “made to pay”.

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Afghanistan Battle Continues Successful Course

Posted by Larry Barnes on May 21, 2010

Forces Detain Insurgents, Seize Drugs, Weapons

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

WASHINGTON, May 21, 2010 – Afghan and international forces detained several insurgents and seized illegal drugs and weapons in recent operations in Afghanistan, military officials reported.

An Afghan-international security force pursuing a Taliban commander in Kandahar province detained two militants in the Zharay district last night.

The combined force went to a series of compounds after intelligence information indicated insurgent activity, and two men ran away as the force approached. The two men were captured after a lengthy chase. They told the patrol they were Pakistani fighters, and that they had rocket-propelled grenades and automatic rifles hidden at another location.

In Helmand province last night, a combined force searched a small compound northeast of Marja after intelligence information indicated insurgent activity and detained several suspects for questioning.

In Helmand’s Now Zad district yesterday, an International Security Assistance Force patrol found and confiscated 39 bags of suspected heroin with an estimated street value of $3 million. The drugs were confiscated.

In Helmand’s Nad-e Ali district yesterday, an Afghan-international patrol found an assault rifle, small-arms ammunition, five magazines and a bundle of electrical wire.

No Afghan civilians were harmed in these operations, officials said.

In other news from Afghanistan, an ISAF helicopter was struck by an insurgent-fired rocket-propelled grenade today as it prepared to land at a checkpoint in Nad-e Ali. No one was seriously injured, officials said. The helicopter is at a secure site and a damage assessment is under way.

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Fascist Chinese Seek World Control

Posted by Larry Barnes on May 10, 2010

YouTube – Fascist Chinese Seek World Control.

China Military Power Report released

World peace and development are faced with multiple difficulties and challenges. Struggles for strategic
resources, strategic locations and strategic dominance have intensified.
Chinas National Defense in 2008……
Neo-Fascism & China’s Future
By Joe Katzman on August 27, 2004 4:25 AM

In my Normblog interview, I was asked about threats to the future peace and stability of the world. Islamofascism was #1, of course, but I also spent a bit of time explaining my worries about one possible future for China: a future of state capitalism under dictatorial control, a strong need for external resources to fuel that economy, carefully fostered xenophobia, a legacy of belief in the racial superiority of Chinese peoples, a major demographic problem in an excess of young males, and the meme that China is being cheated of its rightful place in the world. Germany’s history in the 20th century teaches us what this combination portends.

See also:…


Fascism has found adherents in all countries. Its essentially vague and emotional nature facilitates the development of unique national varieties, whose leaders often deny indignantly that they are fascists at all. In its dictatorial methods and in its use of brutal intimidation of the opposition by the militia and the secret police, fascism does not greatly distinguish itself from other despotic and totalitarian regimes. There are particular similarities with the Communist regime in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin. However, unlike Communism, fascism abhors the idea of a classless society and sees desirable order only in a state in which each class has its distinct place and function. Representation by classes (i.e., capital, labor, farmers, and professionals) is substituted for representation by parties, and the corporative state is a part of fascist dogma.

Fascism, especially in its early stages, is obliged to be antitheoretical and frankly opportunistic in order to appeal to many diverse groups. Nevertheless, a few key concepts are basic to it. First and most important is the glorification of the state and the total subordination of the individual to it. The state is defined as an organic whole into which individuals must be absorbed for their own and the state’s benefit. This “total state” is absolute in its methods and unlimited by law in its control and direction of its citizens.

A second ruling concept of fascism is embodied in the theory of social Darwinism. The doctrine of survival of the fittest and the necessity of struggle for life is applied by fascists to the life of a nation-state. Peaceful, complacent nations are seen as doomed to fall before more dynamic ones, making struggle and aggressive militarism a leading characteristic of the fascist state. Imperialism is the logical outcome of this dogma.

Another element of fascism is its elitism. Salvation from rule by the mob and the destruction of the existing social order can be effected only by an authoritarian leader who embodies the highest ideals of the nation.

This is the Chinese response to the report:

I know that “essentially vague and emotional nature” is the picture evoked by the CCTV response.

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Shalikashvili And Shelton, Too Stupid To Lead

Posted by Larry Barnes on May 1, 2010

I have developed a theory that Officers are well educated morons. The frequency with which I come into contact with those that provide conclusive proof of my theory has never dulled my devotion to the military as protectors of my country. The greatest folly encountered in the military has been, in my experience, political capitulation. The desire to retain or advance a military career often presents the appearance, in an Officer, of having no moral standards.

The problem of Officers leaving the military and becoming political monsters consuming national treasure and personal freedom through the legislative process is no new phenomenon.

John Shalikashvili and Hugh Shelton have said that rising rates of obesity among young Americans could undermine the future of the US military. Their are no reports as to how they came to this conclusion. The simple fact, as they report, that more than a quarter of young Americans are now too fat to fight, is not supported in any way by the truth.

Writing in the Washington Post, the ex-commanders said the fat crisis ruled out more potential military service recruits than any other medical factor. Many “were too overweight to serve in the military, according to the Army’s analysis of national data.”

They want Congress to introduce laws to give US children better nutrition in schools, with less sugar, salt and fat. The fact that fifty states and thousands of school districts must be controlled by federal money never leaves the mind of ex-military tyrants.

“We consider this problem so serious from a national security perspective that we have joined more than 130 other retired generals, admirals and senior military leaders in calling on Congress to pass new child nutrition legislation.” So “new” legislation is the mantra of the control our lives crowd. A smart person would come to the conclusion that if schools did not feed the children in attendance that their daily caloric intake would drop by 40%. But this is not the course that will be taken by the cabal that already demands the right to feed our children as they choose. “Feed our children”, more like ensure that parents have a government subsidy and government employees have a job to continue the cycle of dependency in America.

John Shalikashvili and Hugh Shelton, say “Properly managed, the school environment can be instrumental in fostering healthful eating habits among our children.” It be comes obvious to the casual observer that the “Properly managed” population is the ends of the government and the military.

The lie that the standards on body fat set by the government and the induction standards for military recruits has been incorporated into the push for a “managed” society. I don’t hesitate to call liars stupid because it really is stupid to lie to people when lies such as Shalikashvili and Shelton’s are so easily seen through. Smart people do not risk the lose of self esteem a lie can induce.

As a nation, they say, we need to take the next step. Our school districts need the resources to offer our children more vegetables, fruits and whole grains as well as products with less sugar, sodium, fat and calories in school cafeterias and vending machines. Yes, this will mean increasing funding for child nutrition programs.” Why? They don’t explain. It is obvious that changing dietary standards does not mean an increase in food prices. Only a stupid person would think so.

“(F)at and calories”? How do they propose to regulate the total fat and calories consumed by people in the 17 to 24yrs range? Feed them 3 meals a day, 7 days a week/ Check their back packs for soda and candy? No, they can’t accept the fact that peoples lives are out of their control and believe that government money is the path to total control.

What is the foundation of their prejudice against fat people? They must have all the facts necessary to come to their conclusions, a normal person would not venture an opinion without them. Stupid people will though, no matter how learned or educated.

Stupid people will include in their diatribes the need to control dietary sodium with out regard to the fact that the military will not accept for induction people with heart conditions or hyper tension, two common factors necessitating the need to control sodium intake.

Stupid people will not acknowledge that there is no value in a normal, healthy person being obsessed with sodium intake.

Stupid people will expect the lie that military weight standards are anything but a visual parameter to pass unquestioned. Those that are rejected for not meeting the standards need only lose the extra pounds.

But with our nation spending at least $75 billion a year on medical expenses related to obesity, we think these steps will pay off over the long term.

“We consider this problem so serious from a national security perspective that we have joined more than 130 other retired generals, admirals and senior military leaders in calling on Congress to pass new child nutrition legislation,” the commanders added.

The warning comes amid mounting fears that childhood obesity has turned into an “epidemic” affecting an astonishing one in three young American people.

Mr Shalikashvili and Mr Shelton pointed to post-school lunch laws from 1946, which recognized that poor nutrition reduced the pool of military recruits.

“We must act, as we did after World War II, to ensure that our children can one day defend our country, if need be.”

Obesity rates in the US have surged over the last year, according to one report .

The Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found adult obesity rates rose in 23 of the 50 states, but fell in none.

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Taliban Increasing Afghani Resolve To Resist Them

Posted by Larry Barnes on April 28, 2010

Afghan Civilians, Government Join Forces to Defeat and Remove Taliban
ISAF Joint Command More Stories from ISAF Joint Command RSS

Date: 04.27.2010
Posted: 04.27.2010 08:35

KABUL, Afghanistan – Gizab District, locked centrally in the Hazarajet region of Afghanistan, recently was the scene of community resolve and determination when citizens took action to remove a Taliban threat from their village. The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, with minimal involvement by coalition forces, is assisting Gizab residents in their effort to purge the Taliban from the area.

With harassment by the Taliban increasing, local villagers held a shura and decided to establish a road block Wednesday in an effort to detain insurgents. This action led to the apprehension of several insurgents as well as their weapons and motorbikes. A Taliban commander, responsible for coordinating attacks against coalition special forces in the area, was among those apprehended at the road block.

Later that afternoon, Taliban insurgents armed with small-arms and rocket-propelled grenades were preparing to attack the village. Local citizens, defending their homes and families, engaged the insurgents in a battle that lasted more than three days.

A combined patrol of Afghanistan national security force and International Security Assistance Force partners was conducting an operation nearby and responded, enhancing security at the village stronghold.

After three days of fighting, the insurgents were defeated and driven out of Gizab. Between the villagers and combined patrol, several insurgents were killed and four were arrested.

In the subsequent days, hostile action in the area has diminished, providing an opportunity for the governor of Dai Kundi, the provincial governor of neighbouring Uruzgan province, the local Malik and 20 other community leaders to travel to Gizab District for a meeting to announce their support for GIRoA and elect a district chief of police.

The combined force also attended the meeting Saturday to demonstrate their support for the people of Gizab and GIRoA. The combined force was warmly received by the villagers and leaders who said they were grateful for GIRoA’s support.

During the meeting, the deputy governor placed a phone call to President Hamid Karzai, who spoke to local elders and leaders and voiced his pleasure with the cooperation between the different elements, which ultimately removed 50 active Taliban fighters from the region.

“The villagers’ decision to react was fueled by Taliban members routinely exerting their influence and control over the people in the southern District of Gizab,” said Capt. Rebecca Lykins, a Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan spokesman. “Their reaction is a testament to their confidence in GIRoA’s ability to protect and serve the populace.”

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Taliban Reintegrated in Baghlan

Posted by Larry Barnes on April 27, 2010

ISAF Joint Command
Date: 04.26.2010
Posted: 04.26.2010 04:50

KABUL, Afghanistan – Eight Taliban insurgents walked up to the gates of a forward operating base in Puza-i-Eshan Saturday to turn themselves in to Afghan national security forces.

The departure from the Taliban came in the midst of Operation Taohid II, an Afghan-led operation in the north designed to defeat the insurgency, provide humanitarian supplies to the people and enable development projects in the area.

Gen. Murad Ali Murad, Afghan national army 209th Corps commander held a shura with the Taliban members to negotiate the terms of their reintegration. Brig. Gen. Frank Leidenberger, Regional Command-North commander also attended.

“This is your country, when you fight against us here you fight against your own country,” Murad said. “An hour ago, you were part of the black name of the Taliban, but now we welcome you back as our brothers.”

Operation Taohid II is the largest operation the ANSF have led in the north. About 1,000 combat-ready Afghan national army troops are taking part in the operation, supported by ISAF troops from Germany, the United States, Sweden, Finland, Croatia and Belgium.

One indicator of the operation’s success was the securing of the Kuk Chenar (Dutch) Bridge and the return of large groups of civilians who had been frightened away by insurgents.

Civilian freedom of movement is now being further improved as work continues around the bridge’s base along the river. A large number of trucks have been removing loads of the river’s sludge to aid the flow of the river. Guard posts have been stationed on either end of the bridge to provide safe passage for residents.


Afghan Civilians, Government Join Forces to Defeat and Remove Taliban

Gizab District, locked centrally in the Hazarajet region of Afghanistan, recently was the scene of community resolve and determination when citizens took action to remove a Taliban threat from their village. The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, with minimal involvement by coalition forces, is assisting Gizab residents in their effort to purge the Taliban from the area.
04.27.10, Courtesy Story

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Afghanistan Surge Providing Progress

Posted by Larry Barnes on April 26, 2010

Air Strike in Afghanistan Kills Senior Insurgents

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

WASHINGTON, April 26, 2010 – A senior militant commander in Afghanistan’s Kunduz province and two of his top advisors were killed in a precision air strike in northern Kunduz this morning, military officials reported.

The senior insurgents were driving through a rural desert area northeast of Kunduz City when they were struck by precision air fire.

The senior Taliban commander was involved in all aspects of insurgent operations in Kunduz province, officials said. He was responsible for setting target priorities, weapons distribution and directing attacks against coalition and Afghan forces.

In other recent operations in Afghanistan:

— In Kandahar province this morning, a combined Afghan-international security force detained several suspected insurgents for questioning.

— In Helmand province’s Nad-e Ali district yesterday, a combined patrol found an assault rifle, magazines, 130 rounds of ammunition and 30 pounds of homemade explosives.

— Coalition forces patrolling in the Dzadran district of Paktia province yesterday found 17 rocket-propelled grenades, nine fuses, four rear stabilizers and 300 heavy machine gun rounds. One individual was detained.

— An Afghan-international security force killed one militant and detained a few others as they pursued a Taliban leader in Kunduz the night of April 24. As the combined force approached a compound after intelligence reports of militant activity, they were confronted by an armed man, who was shot and killed.

— In Helmand on April 24, a combined force tried to stop a vehicle driven by the suspected militants. The driver didn’t comply and tried to escape. Shots were exchanged, and three insurgents were killed, including a Taliban commander responsible for assigning fighters and setting attack priorities in his area and involved in weapons delivery and battle-damage assessments after attacks on coalition forces. A search of the vehicle uncovered an automatic rifle and multiple grenades.

— Also on April 24, an Afghan civilian directed a combined patrol in Helmand’s Washer district to a cache containing 25 pounds of refined opium, an assault rifle, several magazines and a chest-bomb rig.

— In Helmand’s Nad-e Ali district April 24, an Afghan-international patrol found and destroyed five 60 mm mortar rounds.

— A combined Afghan-international security force captured a Taliban subcommander and a suspected insurgent and killed several other insurgents in Logar province April 24. As the assault force conducted a call-out, they were confronted by armed men, who were shot and killed. The Taliban subcommander, believed to be involved in planning suicide attacks, surrendered. A search of the area found several weapons, including an automatic rifle and pistols.

— In Kunduz’s Archi district the night of April 23, a combined Afghan-international security force was engaged with small-arms fire. The combined force returned fire, killing several insurgents and detaining a few others. Two of those killed were Taliban commanders, one of them being the target of the raid, who was responsible for distributing insurgent funds, designating targets and planning bombings. Though women and children were in the compound buildings, none were injured during the operation. The homeowner told the patrol the Taliban had forced their way into the compound for the night. International forces will reimburse the homeowner for minor damage to his property. A search of the buildings yielded automatic rifles, a machine gun, a rocket-propelled grenade, hand grenades and other weapons.

— In Khost province April 24, a combined force detained a suspected insurgent while hunting for a Haqqani terrorist network commander.

— In Helmand’s Nad-e Ali district April 24, a combined patrol found two shotguns, 40 pounds of opium, small-arms ammunition and various electrical components, as well as another cache consisting of two pressure plate initiation devices 40 pounds of homemade explosives.

— One militant was killed and several others captured by an Afghan-international security force pursuing a Taliban facilitator in Ghazni province the night of April 22. As the force approached the targeted compound, several men ran away. One insurgent moved toward the security force in a hostile manner and was shot and killed. Several other suspected insurgents were captured.

— Also on the night of April 22, a combined force in Khost’s Terezai district captured a Haqqani network bombing-attack facilitator and another suspected insurgent. Ammonium nitrate, aluminum powder and rifles were found on site.

— In Kunduz province’s Chahar Darah district the night of April 22, a combined security force detained a suspected insurgent for questioning. An armed man ran from the compound and later fired on the security force. He was shot and killed.

— In Nangarhar province’s Khogyani district the night of April 22, a combined force captured a Taliban subcommander responsible for directing roadside-bomb and rocket-propelled grenade attacks on coalition forces, along with another suspected insurgent.

— The same night in Helmand’s Reg-e Khan Neshin district, a combined force found a roadside bomb, three roadside-bomb power sources, five spools of copper wire, an intelligence radio, two assault rifles with ammunition, brass knuckles and 88 pounds of raw opium. After coordination with the village elder, the combined force detained more than 20 men in the compound.

— In Helmand’s Garm Ser district that night, an Afghan-international patrol acting on a tip from an Afghan civilian found 50 chest rigs and 19 magazines.

— A combined patrol found nine grenades, four rocket-propelled grenades, small-arms ammunition, homemade explosives, a timer and detonation cord in the Chorah district of Uruzgan province April 22.

–– A combined security force in Logar province’s Pul-e Alam district killed five insurgents the night of April 22 after receiving sustained heavy gunfire from a compound. A search yielded multiple automatic rifles, armor-piercing rounds, bomb-making materials and blasting caps. A Taliban suicide attack commander with ties to the Haqqani network was killed in the firefight, along with four other insurgents.

Two U.S. servicemembers died of wounds suffered in the firefight.

No civilians were reported harmed in these operations, officials said.

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Afghan Insurgents Killed

Posted by Larry Barnes on April 19, 2010

Combined Forces Make Gains in Afghanistan

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

WASHINGTON, April 19, 2010 – Afghan and international forces killed several insurgents and captured at least one other, according to initial reports of a firefight in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province this morning, military officials said.

The forces were moving through the Qarah Bagh district in search of a senior Taliban commander and were approaching a compound when multiple insurgents engaged the force with machine guns, small arms, grenades, and rocket-propelled grenades. The combined force returned fire, killing several insurgents.

As the combined force secured the compound, they continued to receive small-arms fire, grenades and heavy machine-gun fire from insurgents throughout the village.

A search of the target area revealed a vehicle-mounted 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, heavy-machine-gun ammunition, multiple automatic rifles, grenades, RPGs, RPG launchers, and communications equipment.

In other recent operations in Afghanistan:

— In Helmand’s Garm Ser district this morning, a combined patrol found a Russian-made 122 mm projectile, three incomplete bombs, five pressure-plate triggering devices and other bomb-making materials.

— In Kandahar province this morning, an International Security Assistance Force patrol found a cache containing five blocks of plastic explosive, an RPG and three RPG propellant charges.

— In Ghazni province last night, a combined force searched a small compound in the Gelan district and detained several suspected insurgents for further questioning.

— In Kandahar’s Khakrez district last night, a combined patrol came under small-arms fire. They returned fire, wounding an insurgent. During a search, the force captured a suspected Taliban commander responsible for leading armed fighters in attacks against coalition forces, and the movement of weapons and supplies. Several other insurgents were also detained, and the force found automatic rifles and a shotgun.

— In Khost province yesterday, a combined force was en route to search a compound in the Sabari district when suspected insurgents departed in two directions and one of the insurgents engaged the force. The security force returned fire and killed a suspected Haqqani terrorist group weapons trafficker. The security force found a machine gun, magazines and grenades at the site and detained another suspected insurgent for further questioning.

— A combined force targeted two suspected Taliban insurgents in a vehicle in a rural area of Kandahar province’s Daman district yesterday. The two
demonstrated hostile intent and were shot and killed. A search of the militants found 10 blasting caps and a probable homemade bomb.

— In Helmand province’s Nad-e Ali district yesterday, a combined force found two RPG boosters, an 82 mm mortar, nine pressure plate devices, eight blasting caps, 100 feet of detonation cord, 61 pounds of explosive material, bomb-making materials, 200 rounds of small-arms ammunition and a disassembled anti-aircraft gun.

— Another patrol in the same district yesterday found a cache containing six rocket-assisted warheads, two boosters, nine chest rigs, a pressure plate initiation device; a 50-pound jug of homemade explosives and miscellaneous shrapnel. An explosive ordnance disposal team destroyed the hazardous material.

— In Kandahar’s Registan district yesterday, an ISAF patrol came across a burning truck that matched the description of one seen earlier avoiding a checkpoint. Troops searching the scene discovered that the truck contained about 500 pounds of hashish and heroin.

— In Kabul province’s Sarobi district yesterday, an ISAF patrol found 43 anti-personnel mines, 20 rockets, five mortar rounds, an anti-tank mine and 40 boxes of 12.7 mm rounds.

— An ISAF patrol Ghazni’s Gelan district yesterday found a five RPGs, 12 mortar grenades, two assault rifles, a shotgun and more than 5,000 rounds of ammunition.

— In Kandahar’s Arghandab district yesterday, an Afghan civilian pointed out a roadside bomb to an ISAF patrol. It consisted of an 88 mm mortar round and three shaped charges.

— A combined patrol found two trucks containing 2,040 pounds of raw opium, 1,875 pounds of processed opium and 615 pounds of hashish in the Garm Ser district of Helmand province yesterday. The truck’s occupants were taken into custody.

— An Afghan-international patrol in Helmand’s Nad-e Ali district yesterday found 150 pounds of homemade explosives and a 100-pound drum of ammonium nitrate, a banned fertilizer that can be used to make explosives.

— A combined security force captured a Taliban bombing-cell commander and other militants in Helmand province April 17.

— In Helmand’s Garm Ser district April 17, a combined patrol found a 120 mm projectile, five completed roadside bombs, three incomplete roadside bombs, three battery packs, some spools of wire, a bag of carbon rods, rubber tubing and other parts for bomb construction.

— In Helmand’s Lashkar Gar district April 17, a combined patrol detained several men and seized high-value material used to build roadside-bomb detonators. The team seized two assault rifles with 15 magazines, material used to build detonators, a pistol, two grenades, and 165 pounds of liquid opium.

— Based on a tip from an Afghan civilian, an ISAF patrol found a barrel full of mortar rounds, a tactical vest and wire, two 155 mm artillery rounds, a 155 mm shell and three empty casings in the Panjwa district of Kandahar province April 17.

— An ISAF patrol in Helmand’s Reg-e Khan Neshin district found 200 pounds of marijuana seed near the Helmand River.

No civilians were harmed in any of these operations, officials said.

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Abu Hamzah al-Muhajir Death Major Blow To AQI

Posted by Larry Barnes on April 19, 2010

Mon, 19 Apr 2010 10:50:00 -0500

Combined Operation Kills Top al-Qaida in Iraq Leaders

From a U.S. Forces Iraq News Release

BAGHDAD, April 19, 2010 – Iraqi security forces, supported by U.S. troops, killed the two most-senior leaders of al-Qaida in Iraq early yesterday in the culmination of a series of combined operations southwest of Tikrit, Iraq.

Abu Hamzah al-Muhajir, also known as Abu Ayyub al-Masri, who was the military leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, was killed in one of the operations. His terrorist organization is responsible for facilitating attacks against Iraq and coalition forces as well as Iraqi civilians. He replaced Abu Musab al-Zarqawi when Zarqawi was killed in June 2006, and he was directly responsible for high-profile bombings and attacks against the people of Iraq, officials said.

Also killed during the engagement was Hamid Dawud Muhammad Khalil al-Zawi, also known as Abu Umar al-Baghdadi, who served al-Qaida in Iraq as the leader of the group’s self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and held the title “Prince of the Faithful.”

The death of these two terrorists is a potentially devastating blow to al-Qaida in Iraq, officials said.

A series of Iraqi-led combined operations conducted over the last week resulted in Iraqi forces executing a nighttime raid with U.S. support on the terrorist leaders’ safe house. The combined security team identified both al-Qaida in Iraq members, and the terrorists were killed after engaging the security team, officials said.

Masri’s assistant and Baghdadi’s son, who also were involved in terrorist activities, also were killed.

After conducting preliminary questioning and initial examination of the evidence during the operation, Iraqi elements arrested 16 additional suspected criminal associates of the terrorist leaders killed in the raid.

“The death of these terrorists is potentially the most significant blow to al-Qaida in Iraq since the beginning of the insurgency,” said Army Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, commander of U.S. Forces Iraq. “The government of Iraq intelligence services and security forces, supported by U.S. intelligence and special operations forces, have over the last several months continued to degrade [al-Qaida in Iraq].

“There is still work to do,” the general continued, “but this is a significant step forward in ridding Iraq of terrorists. As the [Iraqi government] continues to protect the people of Iraq, the U.S. stands ready to assist them.”

— Iraqi forces arrested three suspected al-Qaida in Iraq associates yesterday during a combined operation north of Baghdad. Iraqi forces searching for an al-Qaida in Iraq member suspected of supporting terror cells in Baghdad by building vehicle-borne bombs and having ties to other terrorist leaders identified and arrested the three suspected criminal associates of the wanted man.

— Iraqi forces on a combined patrol with U.S. forces in eastern Mosul on April 16 sought to apprehend a man believed to be involved in oil extortion. While moving in to arrest the man, they discovered he was armed and, sensing an immediate threat, they shot and killed him.

— In a separate operation April 16, a combined force arrested a suspected Jaysh al-Mahdi terrorist group leader and four suspected criminal associates north of Baghdad. The group is suspected of transporting weapons into the Qwaylis area and of conducting attacks on security forces.

— A combined security force arrested a man in Mosul believed to have close ties to high-level al-Qaida in Iraq members in another April 16 operation.

A U.S. Forces Iraq soldier was killed during the assault when a U.S. helicopter crashed.

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