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John Stossel Calls Obama a Liar, end of sentance

Posted by Larry Barnes on March 20, 2010

Do you watch Fox News. NO!!!, well you missed John Stossel calling President Obama a liar. The fact that anyone would call Obama a liar is hardly news. Watch the Fox News channel or YouTube to see it live.


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A Liar In One Thing

Posted by Larry Barnes on March 14, 2009

A liar in one thing, A liar in all.

“And by cowardice and submission, a whole host of evils.” Thomas Paine

When the world gives you lemons, make lemon aid.

“Finger licking good.” Col Sanders

And are we to be frozen to inaction by self doubt?

Are we not to defend the good out of fear of adding to the list of our errors and evils we may have committed in the past?

Are we to build smarter bombs?

Are we to make safer bullets?

Are we to cut ours self off from the world and our trade with our allies?

Are we to turn our back to those who suffer from all sorts of evil because we are imperfect?

So, what is the lie? Presenting a long list of grievances when you have no intention of accepting the response.

Let us then make some lemon aid, fry up some chicken and get down to making the world a better place.

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