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A Flag Of Truce

Posted by Larry Barnes on January 24, 2009

The lack of outrage from the left and the Muslim world at President Obama’s first war crime is staggering. Under a virtual flag of truce, the strike that killed civilians in Pakistan goes without notice.

Having been elected on promises to negotiate with our enemies and having appointed as US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the entire world must have understood that a ceasefire would ensue. Without a formal statement to the contrary, any offensive action would not have been anticipated by belligerents in this conflict. No one would reasonably believe that hostilities would continue unabated, a virtual flag of truce.

Without any doubt the authorization for the attack in Pakistan would have to have come from the White House. I am sure we can expect continued treachery from this administration and silence from the left.


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Somali Capital Bombing, 16 Dead

Posted by Larry Barnes on January 24, 2009

With no group has claiming responsibility for the attack in Mogadishu, Somalia’s Capital the aftermath of of the bombing will leave no one for politicians to negotiate with.

The dead included a policeman and 15 civilians when a bomb detonated at a police checkpoint manned by the African Union peacekeeping mission.

A spokesman, Mohamed Osman Ali described the attack as a “massacre”. Islamist terrorists control the majority of the city, as they have from the withdrawal of US forces after the “Black Hawk Down” incident.

The Somali parliament is due to choose his replacement on Monday at a meeting in neighboring Djibouti. A lack of competent forces in the region has caused a security vacuum in the country.
Mr Ali said a policeman manning the checkpoint on the Makka al-Mukarama road in Mogadishu had fired at the car when it approached at high speed. But their is not security force hunting terrorists in an effective manner.

The target of the attack is not known, but the African Union Peacekeeping Mission in Somalia (Amisom) post about 200 yards away was a possibility.

An Amisom spokesman, Maj Barigye Ba-hoku, appeared to blame the Islamist rebel group, al-Shabaab, which is attempting to topple the government. “That the opposition group had massacred only innocent Somali people,” was most distressing for him.

No casualties were reported in the fighting that broke between Amisom troops and those of the government, after the explosion.

Officials in Somalia’s government recently warned of a security vacuum caused by the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops this month. Continuing it’s policy of political cowardice the US wants the United Nations to take over peacekeeping duties.

But last month UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said few countries were willing to send troops, as there was no peace to keep.

Somalia has not had an effective national government from 1991, since when various militias have been battling for control. The mass starvation of the civil population and murderous terrorist has not motivated people to look beyond their own self interest. With eighteen Americans killed in the 1990’s excursion in Somalia and the democrats aversion to bad publicity, innocent people will continue to die with no “hope” for a future.

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